New UH Game Operations & Event Managment Coordinator

(Mark Jacob) #1

“Nick Starling (@nickstarling) Excited to announce that I have accepted a Game Operations & Event Management Coordinator position with the University of Houston Athletics. Go Cougars!”
Just saw this. Is this a new position? Just filled position? Hold he can help stream line ticket prices and get some more butts on seats.

(Patrick) #2

Here’s the bio for the last one:

Tyler Kremzar joined the Athletics Department in August 2016 as Game Operations and Event Management coordinator.

In that role, he serves as the game manager for Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Golf and Indoor Track and Field and assists in the planning and execution of other home events. Kremzar is also the direct contact for scheduling stadium tours.

Kremzar joined the Cougars after working for a year in SMU Athletics Operations. There, he was the game administrator for Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Women’s Basketball and Men’s and Women’s Soccer and assisted with Football and Men’s Basketball.

He previously served in the Marketing offices at TCU and Tennessee before beginning work with SMU.

Kremzar, who hails from Fort Worth, Texas, received his bachelor’s degree in sport management with a minor in business from Texas A&M in 2015. As an undergraduate, he worked in the Aggies’ Marketing office in 2014.

(Chris) #3

We could not find a U of H Bauer marketing major?

(Chris Vaughan) #4

No, we stay internal on our “National” coach search and go National when an internal UH candidate is available.

(itcoog) #5

How can I️ feel good as a UH grad if my own school won’t hire UH grads?

(Eric Prado) #6

How many UH grads applied?

(Chris) #7

On top of it we had to hire an atm grad. I am sorry but this is inexcusable. Doesn’t anyone care about our history? Wake up please!!!

(PortlandCoog) #8

Would you want to be discriminated against in hiring simply because of your school? Sorry guys, we don’t know who applied, and maybe he was the best candidate. You don’t know. Also it’s an all-consuming job with not great pay. Also Aggies are doing something right because they pack their stadium for mediocre teams. Maybe he brings something to the table that will work for us.

IF it came down to 2 equally qualified candidates and we chose an aggie over a coog, then that’s complainable. But we don’t know the pool. We complain all the time about the current staff already. We might want someone with experience.

I live with Coog-tinted glasses on, but IMHO this is taking it too far.

(Chris) #9

You know our history vs atm an uta. There are the reasons why we are in the AAC. I find it hard to swallow that there is not one single Bauer grad that could fit the job description. Our Bauer School (my major) is highly regarded around the country. You add sports to business and no one from our past graduates could be selected? Everything about uta and atm associated with our sports program should not happen.

(PortlandCoog) #10

Love your passion, however I think you are being overly prejudicial without all the info. How many Bauer grads applied who have experience in this field? Can you answer that? You are entitled to your opinion, however, I don’t like it when people judge without all the info. Sports rivalry is one thing, but pre-judging someone you have not met when you don’t know the process that was used?

(Chris) #11

I agree that I have no clue who applied for this job. I just find it very hard to believe that out of many business Schools around the country that we would select an atm grad to run our game operations.
This is not personal. This is about the school that he represents. Every single day that passes without being part of a P5 is due to atm and uta. An atm or uta grad wants to work for our School? Sure let’s find them a place in the Conrad Hotel Management School but surely not near our Sports department.

(Kyle Caesar) #12

People on here have gotten way overzealous when it comes to any hire at UH.

(Brad) #13

Universities don’t generally hire their own students. It’s considered incestuous.

(Cary) #14

What’s wrong with incest? …what? …why is everyone looking at me like that?

(Chris) #15

You want to forget about hiring a U of H grad? Ok, fine but why on earth with all of our academic/sports history against uta and atm would you want to hire an atm grad for OUR GAME DAY?
For some of those that graduated after 1996 I invite you to study a minimum of our history and why so many of us feel this way. This is in our dna. Did we want to happen this way. We sure did not but uta and atm did for the consequences that we all know too well.
By the way, not hiring your own? How do you then explain this?
Charles Branch, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Fan Engagement

Now looked at his linkedin account.
Which School did he go to?
Degree NameBachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Field Of StudyMarketing
Dates attended or expected graduation 2003 – 2007
Activities and Societies: Kappa Sigma
So I ask you again. You are telling me that we could not find one Bauer grad to fill this position?
It took me three minutes to find this Branch. The same Branch has been working at uta since he graduated. I am sure there are many other “Home grad” that are hired by their Alma mater. Why can’t we do the same?