New UH Items @ Costco & Lowes

Just saw these at Lowe’s & Costco.

Black hat has Velcro adjustable.
Go Coogs!!


Oh, nice! Thanks for sharing! I was looking for one of those flags!

Please share more deals & finds folks!


Finally some yard flags with the new logo! I’m so tired of seeing the old fat logo which hasn’t been used for years in the stores.

Thanks for sharing!


Which lowes is this. Not all lowes are created equally.

Sorry, forgot to mention that.
Costco & Lowe’s at Bunker Hill & I-10.

That’s BS! The Costco in the woodlands only have Aggie hats. I’ll be seeing the manager.

The Katy Costco also has polos and hoodies made by Champion, and the same three-pack of socks they had last time.

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More ammo. Thanks

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