New Uniforms!

(Ricardo Montano) #1


Thatโ€™s a clean look. I like it.

(Patrick) #4

Yep, those are nice.

(Ricardo Montano) #5

I like them as well theyโ€™re more fitting and not as wide on the shoulders anymore. Simple and clean


Man, this team will be exciting to watch!

(Patrick) #7


:fire: :fire: :fire:

Wish we could just go ahead and wear the black ones at home instead of the whites.

(Patrick) #9

Those black ines are smoothe. Really like the shoulder cut this year.


I wish theyโ€™d incorporate more white into the black uniforms to make the numbers and names stand out better. Our black football uniforms a couple years ago did it basically perfectly, IMO.

(Patrick) #11

(Patrick) #12

(Patrick) #13

(Patrick) #14

(Kyle) #15

No white uniforms or did I miss them?

(Patrick) #16

White is still there, but they didnโ€™t take pictures in them.