New virus found related to H1N1

Obviously not much to worry about, but nevertheless still interesting.

If this outbreak happens, someone is “purposely” sending this to kill innocent people. Nothing just invent itself and make itself worse than before.


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The seasonal flu does this all the time; that’s why we have to deal with it seasonally. Bacteria are also doing the same thing, hence the constant worry about creating antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

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Don’t let new viruses scare y’all. Every year there are new viruses and strains. All of them have pandemic potential when there’s no vaccine or cure. Just do your part and you’ll be fine.

That’s not how these things work, especially with influenza it’s one of the most consistently mutating and evolving viruses around. It’s why the flu vaccine is a vaccines that isn’t super reliable like say the measles vaccine.

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