Newest O-Line Coach

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Boom! Upgrade


Louisiana guy which should help with recruiting there. Has been out of the college game since 2008 and out of college/NFL coaching since 2014; he’s been watching his don play at South Alabama the last 2 years. He did coach Tulane from '98-'06, but didn’t have much success. Hurricane Katrina didn’t help him at the end.

He applied for the UAB head job in '14 and the ULM job in '15.


Hire was quick. Guessing we’ve known for awhile that Hiller was leaving.

His time here was spent losing one solid recruit to UT late and not delivering a recruit from Florida that he was pushing hard on. Can’t say that he’ll be missed.


That’s a big upgrade



I have mixed feelings here.

On the surface, this looks to be an Outstanding hire.

On the backside, what happened with the previous hire? As has been stated earlier, no telling how much damage has been done with recruits. Not to overstate, the lack of recruits on the offensive line, could directly impact the offense next season.

I hope this hire solidifies the staff.

Hiller had ties to the new HC at Indiana back when they coached together at Arky State. Guessing he had an old friend offer him the job and Hiller liked the idea of more money and coaching in the B1G.

Scelfo could be a good hire. He’s got ties all over Louisiana and it’s obvious that Major wants to hit that state hard which is good. We’ll be OK on the OL this year; we will have 15 scholarship players and 4 seniors. A lot of the issues last year stemmed from our youth, only one senior and 2/3 of the guys were underclassmen. Think we will see a huge improvement there as our players fill out and get stronger.


Having all 5 starters back as well as all 5 back ups plus a couple of frosh who redshirted last year should lead to a big improvement in performance. Last years O line really missed Cooper and Wall and Dew.


So why has Scelfo been unemployed since 2014?

Watching his son play college ball

Sounds like we filled that gap pretty quickly!

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Great news, love to read this types of comments from prominent NFL players. We desperately need to improve from last season. Our OL was one of the youngest in FBS in 2016. He is the perfect hire to get our OL to the next level. This is also going to help our offense all around including TE’s & RB’s. I like the fact that he has strong recruiting ties in Louisiana and Florida. I still hope we can recruit in the near futures 6’7"/6’8" types.

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My recollection is that he was making steady progress at Tulane, and then Katrina took his legs out from under him, the university couldn’t afford to support the program properly for awhile.

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I dunno, I remember post-1998 Tulane as not being very much to worry about but a lot of that likely was lack of funding. In fact if I recall Tulane thought for a minute about dropping to Division 3 after Katrina. Tulane really didn’t take football seriously at all until getting into the American and getting an on-campus stadium.

He beat us twice, but both of those were in the Dana Dimel years.

I’d have questions if we hired Scelfo for a coordinator position, but he’s more than qualified to be our OL coach. Better all the Hiller stuff happened now than later.


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