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Tate will be running a lot this Saturday morning. Scumlin getting chewed in the AZ press for not letting the qb run free. The masses have spoken

If so we just need to stay disciplined, score early, and get them down early so they are forced to pass.


Hope Chambers plays more than just on passing downs.


Our OLBs and DEs have to set the edges and not penetrate too far up field. If Tate takes off, we need to make sure it’s east/west and not north/south.

Yeah, Sumlin and Mazzone are going to abandon their plan for Tate after one game.

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disagree… i think we will get a lot more of the same…

  1. you arent going to abandon your offense after 1 game (with a whole new system, and new players) where you only lost by 5, and could have easily won…fans are fickle coaches arent fickle

  2. tates post game had an undertone of defiance…they questioned why he didnt run and he said “quarterbacks throw”…he referenced that multiple times…he also wasnt upset, i dont think he feels any internal pressure to change
    2b) tate has a strong competitive personality…right now everyone is saying he cant throw and he cant win games by throwing the ball, you are a college running qb (who will play wr in the nfl)…i highly doubt he is thinking you are right ill run the ball more…remember he publicly dejected navys coach, he refused the only a runner label

  3. sumlins postgame was talking about we’ll watch film to see if he made the right reads, and if he was setting his feet (not we have to change the philosophy)…sumlin has never ran a dual threat offense…he isnt going to abandon his 10+ year bread and butter after 1 game in (5point loss) into his new job with players still learning his system

they wil come in with idea of make better passes, not run more
they will run more than they did at byu …but i doubt itll be significantly more

Tate didn’t come to Arizona to run Triple Options. Zona fans/press don’t want him to become a pocket passer either. Without KK, Scumlin has no idea with to do with any of his QBs. Lucky for him, KK might be available after this season.

Bye bye Heisman bs.

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I’m not sure I would say Tate can’t throw at all. If I remember correctly, he was pretty good on the short and intermediate routes, but horrific on deep routes. It just so happened that they tried a lot of deep routes. If Sumlin is smart, they’ll focus more on the short to intermediate routes and only try to take the top off if we start cheating up. It just seemed to me that Tate was hyper-focused on home run balls and he just doesn’t have the accuracy for that. I really don’t know if that’s an ego thing on his part or was the actual game plan. Guess we’ll find out more this weekend.

Kid is thinking of his future…Wants shot at NFL…gotta Pass the ball

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We need offense to at least move ball early…Points would be great of course.
But in the heat…like we saw last year vs TT and last week vs Rice…the D will tire and although they might be playing well overall, give up a big play as guys get tired.
Hopefully run blocking improves and we start faster or at least consistent.

Agree. If you we can start off how we finished with Rice and put up a few TDs quick and early they will be forced to pass which should play to our advantage unless Tate finds some accuracy.

With the Cougar soft secondary coverage, Tate should get many completions if he’s accurate.

I wouldn’t bet on it.

At some point we need to stop the opponents on 3rd down. I just hope Dono-Frio has a clue!!

The defensive gameplan and the whole week of preparation needs to mirror the Louisville game from two years ago! But I’m afraid we won’t be seeing the exotic blitz packages from that night. That’s my opinion on the approach I would take vs Tate and the Arizona offense.


Sumlin lost Sam Crawford at OU and has generally been against his QB taking hits since then. Tate should run when it makes sense, but isn’t Scott Frost at Nebraska. Additionally, I am not sure what AZ has behind Tate if injured.

After watching the tape, I realized that Chambers is a beast. 3 sacks is incredible y’all! Rice was getting rid of the ball very quickly. One & two quick step drops and the ball was out. Despite that Chambers still was able to manage a pedestrian 3 sacks. (Sarcasm) This will for sure be a fun game to watch! Hype is up. “Tate is the next Heisman winner” say what you gotta say to get your friends, family, and fremenies to the game.


Here’s what behind Tate:

K’Hari Lane RS Fr.
Rhett Rodriguez So
Jamarye Joiner Fr.
Kevin Doyle Fr

So not much.

in reply to @Lovetherock re losing QB due to injury:

and Case Keenum here

never thought about that until just now but that could drive your psyche going forward

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