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Who would it be? No P5 coach is coming here. Pick a P6 coach? Any name you pick should be realistic and not pie in the sky.

Look at P5 schools with great defensive schemes… go and get one of the upper-level assistants. Linebackers or D-Line coach from P5.

Or you wait until the end of the year when coaches start getting fired… there will be assistants available, and even other DCs on the market

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Pete Golding, Co-DC/ILBs, Alabama
Bill Busch, Safeties, LSU
Vic Koenning, DC, Troy


If you make Orlando the HC he could coach the D. He will come as HC

Or co head coaches each paid 2 million
HC/DC- Orlando
HC/OC - K. Briles


Zac Spavital - he’s the monster recruiter who signed most of the defensive stars we’ve loved in the previous recent regeme.

As long as we have Briles we have a B12 offense. Not sure what an SEC guy would do besides yell at Briles to slow down. Otherwise square peg round hole. We need to compliment the high-octane offense. A defense opposite Briles has never been earth-shattering.

I would look at Orlando or Gibbs coaching tree. Who is/was their top assistants and could they run a similar scheme? Noticed I said who they have coached with not who they recommend, we know how that turns out. Interested in what has happened at Utah St. since cto left maybe his clone is there, it happens.

Google answered my question Frank Maile looks like a good one but he is an alum (which means something to people not named Briles) and has assistant head coach title. That would be hard to poach.

Todd Bates from Clemson.

33-6 at Jacksonville State, can develop a pass rush, and can help us reestablish the value of winning the line of scrimmage. Won’t matter what our “personnel” is like if the opposing QB won’t be able to throw. lol

EDIT: He’s also been learning under Brent Venables.

Not sure if we want more of the baggage. But Phil Bennett is out there and does have experience working with Briles.


further proof selecting Applewhite (mediocre OC) over Orlando (above average DC) was the wrong decision. Pair Briles with Orlando and we woudl be so much better off.


I don’t disagree. At this point I want to see whether Applewhite goes with a safe political choice or do some damn research to find a qualified coach. Clearly there are guys out there to be had that can do better than CMD. I posted the link to the email fro. CMD to Applewhite to show what a joke the hiring process was compared to what we saw from Levine. No difference. Now I’m curious to semis he’ll bring in someone like Vic Keoning or the guy at Jacksonville St.

Speaking of Keoning, I think he would be a homerun here considering we play mostly pass happy teams in the AAC, Navy and Tulane excludes, and what he just did in Lincoln against Nebraska against Scott Frost’ team. I watched the game and it was impressive.

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Steve Spagnola ex NFL Giants coach lots of experience. steve-spagnuolo-213440636f67f997

Concerned that fired P5 would be temporary? Check other replies below.

The guy from Troy might be worth while. More research to follow.

Doubt he would come back. Definitely would not stay.

Probably a no.

This might be doable.

This one is of interest. Morris was OC there, went to smu and now at ark, probably not for long.

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Is this a one bagger or two bagger. Lol

No assurance you would have briles today if Orlando had been promoted. Orlando may not like up tempo offenses.

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