Next time we play an 8:30 game

Can we get Red Bull to sponsor it and sell it in the stadium? I was about to fall asleep during some of those long reviews.


The late start and the questionable Big 12 officiating crew’s multiple game delays contributed to making this into a 2 day game - a Friday/Saturday game.

The fourth quarter was played early Saturday morning - well past our players normal bed time, and that gave a big advantage to the BYU players who are on a mountain/pacific time zone body clock.


When I finally got to bed I had been up over 20 hours. I tried to take a nap but the smu game messed that up.


We had a 9pm kickoff at home on a Friday night the year CK7 got injured.

Keenum got hurt at ucla.

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The week before he hurt his knee we played a late home game.

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I remember one year (1990?) we had a late kickoff against Rice in the Astrodome. The game ended well after midnight, and the MOB changed into pajamas and broke out teddy bears and blankets.

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We played aTm late because of the Astros playoff game and having to reset the stadium for football.

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yeah it was crazy to me that we had a game that went till almost 12:30am. I get TV time but damn, that was late…

I still remember that game. I was there. Spoon ran over like 8-9 Rice players on 1 play. And we needed a last minute FG from Roman Anderson to beat them.

True, but not the right year.
We moved to Robertson full time in 1998.

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You’re right and we weren’t in the SWC anymore, so we wouldn’t be playing aTm again. I was just trying to think about when the Stros went to the playoffs and didn’t think of the rest. Heck, I could even be wrong on when the Astros were in the playoffs., but I was thinking they were in 2000.

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The two day game against the aggies was end of september 1980. thge kick off was at 11:30 PM


As I was born in 1979, I’ve only heard stories about the two day game. But I just found this clip. Pretty cool.

That was great. Thanks !

damn, i missed college football…the commercials/reviews/speed of the game? not so much

Extended/excessive reviews have killed the flow of the game. A one minute review generates 3 minutes of ad time on tv.

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That two day game was in 1980. The Astros were playing Philadelphia in the playoffs so they had to convert the field from baseball to football. Old timers will remember that when baseball and football seasons overlapped the base paths, pitchers mound etc. were still on the football field. We beat A&M but I don’t remember the score.


Wow, amazing.

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And it is the TV networks that complain about the length of the games.

Pretty soon they will demand 12 minute quarters and air more commercials.

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