Next year is a pivotal year - schedule question

(Cary) #1

We already know we are playing TSU as our final OoC game as part of the basketball deal. At Rice is Sept 1, Zona is Sept 8 at home and at Tech is Sept 15.

Next year is pivotal. Most likely, it is the last year for Oliver, King is now the undeniable starter, and CMA needs to prove with certainty that he is the guy to take UH into the future.

This conference has a habit of not scheduling a bye until November on our schedule. Should UH try to schedule TSU before the Rice game to get a bye after Tech and before we move into conference schedule? Is that permitted?


TxSo, not TxSt.

And no, I don’t think scheduling games before the first weekend of September is allowed unless you play @ Hawaii that season or it’s a nationally-broadcast FCS game. Rice and Stanford had to get a waiver this year to play in Week 0.


That sounds fine with me, or play TSU after Tech, then go into a bye week. Gives you two weeks when starters shouldn’t be worked hard after Tech before the conference schedule. Just my guess on a Sunday morning.

(Cary) #4

I had TSU in my head, but wrote TXSt. Thanks for the correction. I wonder what criteria the NCAA would consider for a waiver?


NCAA criteria seems pretty clear to me. It seems they call the folks in Austin and ask for their permission.

(Cary) #6

Rice does play Hawaii next year and is allowed a week 0 game. Wish we could play them week 0 and TSU week 1, but they have Prairie View scheduled now.


TSU on Labor Day weekend isn’t happening. That’s when they play PV.

(gpropes) #8

I’d schedule TSU in November as a quasi-bye week, like the SEC does. They all play FCS or Sun Belt teams in mid-November.

Or if we have another November bye week, I’d schedule TSU in mid-October.

The last thing I’d do is schedule TSU in September. If we have to play TSU, let’s be smart about it.

(Randy ) #9

We played them the last week of the season in 2007, so there’s precedence for playing them in November.

(Cary) #10

That is actually pretty reasonable.

(Dustin K) #11

Don’t we have a couple QB coming in next year? Of course they could red shirt. But yes, if it is between King and Allen, it will be King.

PS is there any possibility we would schedule someone else than TSU? Since online they still show that slot open.

(Jimmy Morris) #12

Two things I don’t like about this statement. One, we redshirted Bryson because we recruited him as a QB and didn’t lose him because Herman was honest enough to say he would be a WR at Texas. Two, King had two good games against bad defenses and a bad game against an average defense. All he earned was a starting spot in the bowl game and some experience going into the spring.

(Eric Prado) #13

I think the reason why we’re playing TSU has been posted multiple times on this forum this season.

Why are people still asking to change it?

(Eric Prado) #14

It goes against Applewhites desire to keep competition brewing amongst the team as well.

(Dustin K) #15

Sell more tickets, higher profile game.
Really I wouldn’t question if it was shown on the UHCougars website. Since it still shows that slot unfilled, I feel like there is a chance something else may happen.

(Jay C.) #16

I think we should and will have a QB competition going into spring, but when did King have a “bad game”?

(G.W.) #17

This O is VERY conducive to throwing Interceptions. And it is VERY easy to defend when you decide you will only run on 1st and 2nd down. It puts soooooo much pressure on the QB to complete 3rd and Long. It feels like Jeff Fisher’s offense with the Rams.

On most occasions it looks like the QB does not have an option on the read option. They very much look like called plays (either handoff or keep). Usually you see the QB reading the DE or LB.

Also, CMA and the OC were very bull-headed about 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and 1. If I hear how “if you cannot get a yard running up the middle, you don’t deserve to win” just once more I will lose it. There are other ways to get a first down…like passing, play action, RPO, etc.

Our OC made ALL three QBs look mediocre in the passing game. Though I really like the ball King throws. And he has some serious jets. They just need to be used better.


I mean…I certainly wouldn’t call his Tulane game good.

(Jay C.) #19

I mean, he threw a pick in the red zone, but he had a 90+ QB rating, threw for 225, and ran for 140 and. 2 scores. He CARRIED the offense.

(Jimmy Morris) #20

He carried them to 3 first half points. I mean, the first TD for the offense was at the end of the third quarter when the defense put them on Tulane’s 23 to start the drive.

If you want to give credit to King when he hits wide open guys that go for 40 yard TDs, you also have to hold the QB responsible when the offense only scores 3 points on their first 6 drives against an average at best defense. If you want to focus on “bad” then I’ll take it back and say he didn’t have a good game.