NFL Coogs - Week 13, 2017

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Week 13:

Charles Sims (TB) at Green Bay - Sunday at noon on FOX
Joey Mbu (IND) at Jacksonville - Sunday at noon on CBS
DJ Hayden (DET) at Tyus Bowser (BAL) - Sunday at noon on FOX
Elandon Roberts (NE) at Buffalo - Sunday at noon on CBS
Case Keenum (MIN) at Atlanta - Sunday at noon on FOX
Cam Malveaux (MIA) vs Denver - Sunday at noon on FOX
Wade Phillips (LAR) at Arizona - Sunday at 3:25pm on FOX
William Jackson (CIN) and Brandon Wilson (CIN) vs Pittsburgh - Monday at 7:30pm on ESPN

PUP: Howard Wilson (CLE)
IR: Kenneth Farrow (LAC)
Practice Squad: Greg Ward (PHI), Demarcus Ayers (CHI)

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TV Broadcast maps:

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Is that William Jackson not allowing Antonio Brown any TDs or yards this week and simultaneously destroying my chances at winning fantasy football this week!?

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Unfortunately it was also him just watching Bell tightrope between him and the sideline for a TD, he actually looked to avoid touching/pushing him out


He assumed his teammate was going to push him out, and didn’t want to get a late hit penalty. RBs are allowed to tight rope the sideline, and draw a flag by stepping out whenever defenders can no longer stop their momentum.


That was a bad look. I’m pretty sure he won’t make that mistake again.

(Patrick) #13


Case Keenum continued to play like we all knew he could when given a chance and helped the Vikings to a 14-9 victory over the Falcons. Case was 25-30 227 yards and 2 TDs while rushing 4 times for -1 yards. Stats don’t explain the whole story as Case didn’t throw an incompletion in the 2nd half and finished the game completing 18 passes in a row, which included a game winning 89 yard drive to score the winning TD. The Vikings now lead the NFC.

Cam Malveaux played 32 snaps (44%) in the Dolphins 35-9 win over Denver. He didn’t record a stat, but reports say that he played well and was able to get good pressure on the QB. Coaches have been impressed with Malveaux and said that he had been doing a fantastic job on the scout teams. The Dolphins are 5-7 and only a game out of the 2nd wildcard spot in the AFC.

Charles Sims played 25% of the snaps in the Buccaneers 26-20 loss to the Packers. He carried 3 times for 16 yards and had 2 receptions for 35 yards. Peyton Barber seems to have taken over the starting role with Doug Martin out and Sims has taken over as the primary backup. The Bucs are now 4-8 and are basically eliminated from playoff contention.

Joey Mbu recorded 17 snaps for the Colts in their 30-10 loss to the Jaguars. Joey seems to be in the DL rotation for the Colts and they held Jacksonville to 27 carries and 96 yards. The Colts are now 3-9 and 3 games back of a wildcard spot with 4 games to go.

Tyus Bowser saw 33 snaps, 23 on special teams, in the Ravens 44-20 victory over the Lions. Bowser didn’t record a stat and there isn’t much out there to detail his performance. The Ravens are currently 7-5 and alone as the 1st wildcard in the AFC.

DJ Hayden was on the opposite sideline for that game and made 1 tackle and had a pass defensed. The Lions didn’t have a good day though and even had one defensive play where only 9 guys were on the field (Hayden being one of them) on a key 3rd down play in the 4th quarter. The Lions are currently 6-6 and sit two games back in the wildcard race in the NFC.

Elandon Roberts had an OK game with 3 tackles in the Patriots 23-3 win over the Bills. Roberts continued to get most of the snaps as David Van Noy went down for New England. Roberts had a few issues in run support and pass coverage according to reports. The Patriots continue to hang with the Steelers in a tie for the top overall spot in the AFC.

Wade Phillips had the Rams defense firing on all cylinders in a 32-16 win over the Cardinals. The Rams defense held the Cardinals to 194 yards passing, picked off 2 Blaine Gabbert passes and sacked him 6 times. The Rams are currently 9-3 and in a tie with the Saints for 3rd in the NFC.

William Jackson III played well except for one play in the Bengals 23-20 loss to the Steelers. Jackson played great coverage when in on Antonio Brown, but pulled up on a Le’Veon Bell 35 yard TD run because he thought Bell stepped out of bounds. Jackson did have 3 tackles and 2 pass defenses in the game. Brandon Wilson also continues to only get snaps on special teams and didn’t record a stat for the Bengals. So far he has been used in 66 snaps on the year, all on special teams. The Bengals loss puts them at 5-7 and a game out of the 2nd wildcard spot in the AFC

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Next Week

Joey MBU (IND) at Buffalo - Sunday at noon, on CBS
William Jackson III (CIN) and Brandon Wilson (CIN) vs. Chicago - Sunday at noon, on FOX
DJ Hayden (DET) at Charles Sims (TB) - Sunday at noon, on FOX
Case Keenum (MIN) at Carolina - Sunday at noon, on FOX
Wade Phillips (LAR) vs. Philadelphia - Sunday at 3:25pm, on FOX
Tyus Bowser (BAL) at Pittsburgh - Sunday at 7:30pm, on NBC
Elandon Roberts (NE) at Cam Malveaux (MIA) - Monday at 7:30pm on ESPN

PUP: Howard Wilson (CLE)
IR: Kenneth Farrow (LAC)
Practice Squad: Greg Ward (PHI), Demarcus Ayers (CHI)

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Derrick Mathews was picked up by the Giants and put on their practice squad.

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Looks like Kenneth Farrow got his cast off:

Also sponsoring a toy drive today:

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Brandon Wilson was on Kickoff coverage for Ciny and was held twice by the same Steeler! On the second one, it clearly looked to me like the Steeler was trying to intimidate Brandon by just grabbing his pads and trying to twist him to the ground. No-brainer for the ref.

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