NFL Coogs: Week 13, 2018

(Patrick) #21

Wow, I completely skipped over DJ. Thanks for catching that.

He did have a great game for the Jags and was a big reason for the shutout. He’s really played well for Jacksonville this year when healthy.

(Class of 1981) #22

Thanks, I guess I was reading right to left or something, heh. It was a pretty vague memory so I get credit for the correct part, right?

(Class of 1981) #23

Getting a bit empathetic with DJ. I’m told my aorta is a little enlarged. I won’t be playing much football… heck, AC spurs digging into my bursa/rotator cuffs… Wish I could retire

(Class of 1981) #24

QB shouldn’ta ducked, right?

(Class of 1981) #25

I recall that game!