NFL ratings are down because teams have no incentive to be good

(Patrick) #1

Pretty good article on why the NFL is down. The teams are no longer “teams” but assets in someone’s portfolio.

The value in that kind of behavior doesn’t come from the product. That flatlined in terms of utility a long, long time ago. (The Patriots remain unusual for not only trying, but trying intelligently to produce a good product.) An NFL owner no longer needs that to continue to boost the value of the franchise using anything that happens on the field. Value comes from getting a new stadium someone else paid for, moving the franchise to a more valuable piece of real estate and doubling the value of the franchise overnight. Value comes from leveraging and re-leveraging your existing assets, not by creating anything new.

(Chris) #2

Bob McNair exemplifies what the NFL has become. The article is correct a 100%. McNair is a great businessman. He made some great decisions to be where he is at today. So why would he keep his managerial team in place? I am not saying that he is trying to lose but obviously he does not give a damn.
As the article pointed out most NFL franchises operate the same way. So is the bell curve going downward? Every indicators point to it. That is why the push to get goodell reelected is imo very troubling. kapernick and his croonies do not help. That further add to our perception of a product that has become unwatchable.