Nice Tailgating Tent at Sam's Club


I went into my local Sam’s Club at 290 and West and this is the display at the front of the store.

They look nice in case anyone is interested.

(David) #2

I know you cannot put a price on Cougar Pride but how much did it cost?

(Dustin K) #3

Did those coolers have our logo on them?


CougarDave i laughed at that for a good 30 seconds.


The tent was about $150 or so I believe.

I didn’t see the UH logo on the coolers, so I’m not sure about those.

The chairs had the UH logo.


I posted the tent in another thread. Only the tent $149 and chairs $29 had our logo. The coolers were Texan logo.


Got mine today, pretty sweet deal.

(Alfred Matthews) #9

Anyone been here recently? Do they still have the chairs?