Nice write up by Khan about the team

It’s good to know they took a whole day off just to check on all the family members. It shows character by Applewhite to make “family first” by example instead of just coach talk.


Thank you for posting.

Nice work by Applewhite and HY for checking on the families and making sure they are taken care of at home. Hope everyone is safe.

We are also displaced from our home due to the mandatory evacuation of Sugar Land and my brother is flooded in Meyerland. But, if they are up to playing the game, it would be a welcome respite from the clean up process and the 24hr a day disaster coverage…

GOOOOO COOGS! Rep. your city well. Win one for Houston!

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This is a big opportunity for the team captains. If the team, the players, decide to play they’ll carry it through the season. It could be a huge momentum builder that they never forget.

If the players decide not to play, no one will blame them. Football can wait.

Good thing it wasn’t my call, I may have chosen to forfeit the game over practicing at ut

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