No Combine invites?

(Ricardo Montano) #1

Haven’t seen any player post an invitation and the Combine has already started. I would have thought the NFL would at least invite Dunbar after his showing during the Shrine Game. I guess it’s just more fuel to the fire for the players to prove themselves and show out at pro day!


The list I saw two weeks ago, had no UH players.

(Cristian) #3

No, we werent that good or productive this year UCF and USF were winners this season but well bounce back.

(Patrick) #4

Combine started limiting invites a couple of years ago and they now stick to guys who have a shot of going in the first 3-4 rounds and a few others.

Dunbar should be OK. Just needs to work and show off at his pro day.

Rodgers will probably also get some looks.

(PMM) #5

Shows that Levine and crew could really evaluate talent.


CMA can too, it’s just his classes aren’t old enough for invites. They’ll get there.

(Kyle) #7

Levine just couldn’t game plan to save his life… well, his job anyway.