No plans to watch the SEC Championship game


No interest whatsoever in seeing Bama in a 3rd last game of the season.


I have an interest in possibly seeing Bama get beat.

(Trent) #3

It’s like the old NFL commercial: One Last Final Last SEC Game.


This is the SEC championship game that ESPN wanted originally.


The announcers will be intolerable blowing up the teams "the greatest … (fill in the blank)

(Jimmy Morris) #6

I thought Alabama was in the losers bracket. Don’t they have to beat Georgia twice to win the championship?

(Mark) #7

I’ll watch for lack of a better option. Been a while since having to cheer for Bama but I will so UCF can have a split national title

(Sam) #8

Should be a great game, much like Georgia-OU, which was fantastic. College football at its best. Can’t imagine why any college football fan wouldn’t to watch the championship. To each his own, I guess.

(PMM) #9

Actually, the committee screwed up by not having Bama and Georgia in a first round matchup. With these 4 teams, who was number 1 thru 4 was irrelevant.

The fact that they didn’t tells me that either CBS or ESPN ( or both) had a BIG say ($$$) in this.

:crazy_face:Talk about collusion !

(jb) #10

Agree. Georgia-Oklahoma was one of the best football games I’ve ever seen. So I’ll watch the championship in hopes that it’s a spectacular game. At the very least, I’ll be pulling for Georgia to beat Bama. I truly feel like the committee picked the best four teams for the CFP and I don’t care if that upsets anyone pining for Central Florida.


i’m mostly just watching for Kendrick Lamar

(Eric Prado) #12


I am a UH football fan and Vikings fan while Case is QB. I watched other games but his sham of a playoff is not worth my time.


Sham is the right word. ESPN has ruined college football.


Two teams from the same conference? This is the most retarded playoff ever.


I propose that we call it what it is, The ESPN / SEC Post Season Collegiate Invitational. The ESPSCI.

(Trent) #17

The World Tournament of Football.

WTF III this weekend!

(G.W.) #18

I can never seem to get interested in most sec conference games. Always pretty boring styles…yawnnnn.

(br5exg) #19

To each his own indeed. I won’t be watching it.

(Sam) #20

Well, the two best teams not in the SEC were pretty clearly Clemson and Oklahoma, and SEC teams beat them. I wouldn’t argue that UCF didn’t get a fair shake, but RPI indices barely had them in the top 10 if at all. I just enjoy the game. I don’t like the P5/G5 structure, but aside from that the politics, the antipathy for certain conferences and programs, etc. aren’t really an issue for me. Just play ball.