No posts about NBA boycotts

The board’s track record has shown that a thread like that can’t be handled well here and devolves into partisan bickering. Plus it’s not Coog related. Normally we allow NBA stuff, but not right now in the middle of everything, including the hurricane. If you need your partisan fix, just turn on your favorite cable channel and keep it off Coogfans please.

Thank you.


This was probably a smart idea to just put that right on top


Jeez, you post on a thread by an admin asking not to post about the NBA with an NBA political inspired hate? Somehow the post is still up 11 hours later too.

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They’re not changing! #NeverStops

You can just about put money who’s going to be the ones doing it too.

How about me posting that I am boycotting the NBA – and have been for years. Nothing political; I just don’t enjoy it like college.

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I mean if makes you feel good, sure, won’t hear any whinging from me.

What is “whinging” ?

I always thought of it as a slightly more vulgar sounding version of whining/complaining. But that’s really all it is actually.

But if someone wants to knock me a bit for using a five dollar word when a perfectly normal one would’ve worked, that’s fair I did it I’ll take that hit.


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