No timeline on hiring DC


Read the article in the Chronicle and it reminded me of how long it takes CMA to hire assistants. Seems like it takes us longer than most other schools? Anyone have an opinion-good or bad-- on why?

(Mark Shapiro) #2

I would rather it be right than fast.

(jim) #3

We’ve got more qualified options then we had the last time we picked a DC. More good choices=more time to make the choice.


Last time CMA waited a very long time to announce a new DC and most speculated that he had targeted someone coaching in a large bowl game and couldn’t announce - so anticipation of a great hire was high. The deeper into the bowl season it was, the higher the anticipation.

In the end, it turned out CMA hired No D which at the time was unemployed- and it left a lot of folks scratching their heads as to why he waited so long.

Speculation was that CMA’s target was in a bowl game but was offered a position on a P5 late, so CMA was left with scraps. That was only speculation and benefit of the doubt on such a questionable hire. The rest is (recent) history.

Hopefully CMA has learned his lesson.

(John Simpson) #5

…and hasn’t been asking Orlando for recommendations.


Waiting can end up being good or bad. We can end up with a better coach if we want to interview more potential coaches but the longer we wait the more likely some of those coaches get hired by someone else.


This is CMA’s last chance at getting this program in the right direction for atleast a season or two until P5 teams poach them

Then the cycle starts over again unless CMA is fired

(Mike Higdon) #8

For one thing, he’s not the guy who has say over compensation and has to get salaries approved before he can finalize an offer. Unlike some schools, we don’t have bucks to wildly throw around. While he is getting such approval, his candidate may be fielding other offers for more bucks and then we have to match or move on to the next choice. Were we Alabama, UT, or some other place with huge financial cushions, this wouldn’t be a problem. But the fact is, we are in an extremely tight financial situation. It is easy to say we should do this or that if you can ignore financial reality. However, the guys that have to juggle the books don’t have that luxury that all of the arm chair generals do.


Yes of course we’ve yet to see a post that recommends that UH hire coach “X” as our new DC along with that poster offering to pay 10-20% of the salary. You know, that old “put your money where your mouth is” thing.


A fast decision can be a bad decision…Brian Johnson and Mark D’Onofrio.

Let Major take his time. He has a bowl game to prepare for and players to recruit. There are a lot of assistants in college football who would make a good DC for UH.


From my recollection donofrio was not a fast decision. In fact the gossip on this board was that applewhite was waiting so long because our next dc was still coaching the playoffs. That turned out to be false.


We should seek the advice of the Texans DC, Romero Crennel. He’s been in the NFL a long time and probably knows several, perhaps even on the Texans staff. We hired Sampson from the Rockets. Maybe we should look for an NFL assistant for our next DC hire.


Steve Spagnolo!!!


Putting this here simply for historical accuracy. I’m sure CMA realizes the situation and is undoubtedly taking his time in order to get the DC hire right this time. Whether he hires today or early January, here’s to hoping for better results in 2019 and beyond.

Edit: Brian Johnson’s departure was announced Dec 10 and Briles was announced on Jan 6. So you can say taking his time worked out on his 2nd OC hire.

(Chris Vaughan) #15

Les is making a serious run at Gibbs

(Sam) #16

Sumlin didn’t hire Brian Stewart until late January. I would like to see the t’s crossed and i’s dotted ASAP, but we don’t really know enough about potential candidates and circumstances to make a realistic criticism of the process.

(Mike Higdon) #17

CMA can’t just hire people on his own. Unlike some high dollar outfits, he has to get the financial deals approved by the AD and BOR which is not a fast deal.

Looks like he now has the distraction of potentially looking for an OC while trying to keep recruits. Some people seem to think he has a free hand like Nick Saban.


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That is a juicy nugget.


I like the “sacks” ranking.