Nobel Prize Winner: COVID19 was made in a lab

As they say on a major news network.

I report…YOU decide!

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I really wish he hadn’t had said anything. There are things that need to buried for the sake of humanity. These are the kinds of things that start wars or at the very least demanding reparations.

Does anyone not think that Trump isn’t already considering not paying on the treasury securities that China holds. They are our biggest creditor.

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Luck Montagnier you say? The pseudoscience superstar? Great source. The man who teamed up with Jenny McCarthy to promote vaccines causing autism, and believes that water can hold the memory of DNA (homeopathy). He’s a true nutter.


As I said, I’m only the reporter.

YOU decide.

Personally, I think that his theory is a bit dubious. After all, if this were true, it seems to me that more scientists would be able to spot that and would be pointing it out as well, right? And if he is indeed an anti-vaxer, then his credibility is certainly shot in my mind.


The Fed can just print however many trillions are needed and we can just call the bonds and ship them the cash.

Once our currency is completely worthless, maybe we can start using currency that is pegged to a precious metal like it was until Nixon ended it.

He might be nuts but he also has a Noble Prize in Medicine.

It at least warrants some investigation before dismissing it out of hand.

I am not making an opinion on this one way or the other.

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Who gives a ###. China snuffed the doctors that tried to expose it. And China inflicted it.


You would have to value gold at $ 10,000 an ounce to make it work and the result change is prices would either go to super inflation if we printed enough money to cover it for the workers or deflation which is what the fed fears even worse than inflation.

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In before this thread receives a shelter in place order from the Mods. Lol

This is my biggest fear.

And so it begins.

History is starting to repeat itself. China will make the same mistake Japan and Germany made in underestimating our resolve and back us into a corner. They will look at our and the west’s response to the pandemic and think we will do anything to avoid risking lives. Bad things man.

We are doing pretty much the same thing China did
in regards to the pandemic. Their shutdown of
the province seemed much more draconian then our social distancing measures . They did a true
shutdown. So I don’t accept the argument we and the west are showing weakness in dealing with saving lives.

As for the rest of the article, their behavior honestly doesn’t seem much different than before. These have been contested and saber rattling for sometime.



I’ve read a couple of articles from other sources that strongly support the animal origins of the virus.

I am not a scientist but I would imagine if you are really a top notch expert on the subject you will be able to eventually make a determination if this virus was natural or manufactured or both.

Well you knew this was right around the corner:


I believe that the Pentagon has looked into this and ruled out anything other than animal origins for the virus.


Nobel or Noble? :wink:


Deep state at work again

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What would you expect the IC community that created this virus to say? I see this as proof they did create it.


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