Non Houston Basketball Games - Week of Dec 29th

#22 West Virginia giving #2 @Ohio State all they can handle. WV leading by 2 with about two to go in the second half.

Edit:. WV wins 67-59.


I never thought OSU could hold that ranking.

South Carolina about to hurt us.

Wow…that is absolutely horrendous.

Stetson taking them to the woodshed. Ouch.

tulane working memphis early, but the game just started

Hunter having those guys aggressive early. Notice they’re fighting for rebounds this year haha.

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Still 2 pt game late in 1st half!

Just like that Memphis up 10

They can score in bunches like last year Coogs team!!

Tulane much improved from last year. HC got lot of transfers to rebuild team. AAC will be tough game to game this year maybe w exception of ECar n USF.


our next 2 games are playing each other right now

Yep. We need to/should be 2-0

Stupid UCF had that one.

Was hoping to get an early knockout blow to temple when we beat them at their place.

UCF has dropped significantly from last season.

It’s the post-Tacko fall.



They put up a good fight and nearly crippled Temple early in the conference season but I think UCF will be falling on hard times in the AAC.

Not only taco fall but bj taylor and Aubrey Dawkins are HUGE losses as well.


Looking forward after they broke our home winning streak last year. Still remember vividly Dawkins hitting that dagger shot from the corner…time to get a little revenge…

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ECU hanging with Wich St on the road in the 2nd half. Definitely didn’t see this coming.