Non Houston Basketball Games - Week of Jan 13th

I see that Wichita St and Memphis play on Thursday so started this thread:

South Carolina at Tennessee on Saturday (1 PM ET)


The conference is getting a decent amount of tv time.


Have to say the AAC has been and will be entertaining down the stretch.


The Vols are in a free fall. Barnes is a heck of a coach he needs to figure something out. Martin has a chance to get that road win.

If WSU wallops Memphis its time to put the flack jackets on.

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West Va @ Ok State on ESPN2 right now

I am watching that game and scratching my head. I know college basketball is particularly hard to understand this year - but WVU is a ranked team - and OSU beat the Coogs - but to my untutored eye - the basketball just looks dreadful.

Our loss to Oklahoma state is a headscrtcher for sure. I think we felt they would be a pushover after getting routed by Wichita. We weren’t mentally prepared, dug ourselves a hole in the first half, and they played one good half

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This game is “scrappy” - WVU has quick hands on D but the refereeing is the biggest head scratcher. It won’t take much to remove the “s” from the scrappiness of this game.


That loss will probably cost us one spot of seeding

Looking at the ratings earlier, I was wondering which of the three losses so far would cost the Coogs the most. @ Oregon is a quality one so it is really between OSU and BYU. The Big XII brand will elevate the OSU SOS but I am afraid Ws will also be tough to come by in league play. My hope is that the OSU loss is the worst by the end of the season - if so, it should be a decent seed for UH.

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Ok State 0-11 from 3 and down 10 early in 2nd half. 19 combined TOs for first half. First one to 45 might win this

33-21 at the under 16 media timeout

With 14 mins remaining, OSU has 8 FGs in the game

Wichita State - if I read this correctly, lost at home to this WVU team by 12 - I find that to be a (sorry cant resist) shocker. Seems like the seeding committee should give every team a mulligan and allow each coach to designate one game to disregard.

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55-31 WVU

39 combined TOs

OSU rained 20 3s and made only 1 for an amazing 5% from beyond the arc. That’s a hard % to achieve. The one they made was from downtown Stillwater.

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Wichita is even younger than our Coogs, although we have beat them thru:

|on 12/08/19|Houston|beat|South Carolina|76-56|
|on 12/22/19|South Carolina|beat|Virginia|70-59|
|on 11/19/19|Virginia|beat|Vermont|61-55|
|on 11/16/19|Vermont|beat|St John’s|70-68|
|on 12/07/19|St John’s|beat|West Virginia|70-68|
|on 11/27/19|West Virginia|beat|Wichita St|75-63|

The committee does do that. For B10 and ACC teams. They get about 3 mulligans each other leagues sorry no dice.


Ahh didnt ga tech spank unc a few days ago…lmao

If anyone wants a preview of Tulsa, they are playing @ Cincy on ESPNU right now.

39 UC
30 TU


Edit: that escalated quickly: 75 - 44 final for Cincy


Ga Tech within 10 of Duke with 13 mins left (ACC Network)