Non-houston basketball games

tulsa and houston baptist playing right now…espn3
houston baptist currently winning, we play both


It’s good to be back in season.

Ya know with the um “interesting” football season we’ve been having it sure would have been nice to play today like the rest of the teams.


HBU was looking good until Tulsa starting pressing them. I’m still not a fan of Haith.

the have a pretty horrible formula this year…

they are going small ball this year, but are also an extremely extremely poor shooting team…they went 4-18 from 3 in their exhibition game, and “shot really badly” vs ok st in the closed scrimmage

literally protecting the post vs a small team is all you need to beat them

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tulsa survives

Watched the Tulsa HBU game. That looks like 3 wins right there.

Anyone notice our schedule to finish the season? Memphis twice ,Cincinnati and at UCONN


Wow! I didn’t realize everything was starting up today. Apparently I’ve been working way too much. Should be a fun evening of basketball. Not that it’s going to be much of a game, but I’m looking forward to seeing what Memphis can do (during KU v. Duke commercials).

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rice losing by 50 to a rebuilding arkansas with 10 mins to play… for those expecting rice to be better than last year


Duke Beat Kansas by 2 68-66

AAC goes 7-0. Temple beats Drexel that’s the biggest name win for the AAC tonight.


To bad UH couldn’t play this Kentucky team in the sweet 16.


potential opponent (them or boise)


Maybe Arkansas is really good this year. Nah Rice sucks.

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tyrese maxey dominating for kentucky right now…im curious why we were never in on him…he is from texas and his dad played for kelvin sampson

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Maybe because Coach said they never went after blue chips

It’s tricky with 5 stars especially once the blue bloods start recruiting (aka bag dropping). His dad probably let CKS know not to waste his time recruiting him.

I watched a good 15 mins of Wichita State vs Omaha as well. WSU is solid because of coaching and have a few athletes but nothing special. They are missing the big guy Echenique for a month due to injury. It’s early so take this with a grain of salt.

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