Non-offer recruit visits - offseason 2019

(Sam) #101

According to Sellers, there was a 7-on-7 tournament in Houston this weekend, and the teams were invited to stop by UH. That makes sense as I saw all these tweets over the weekend and wondered how we were getting so many players in for visits.

(Patrick) #102

3* C/O '20 TE Christian Lee from Friendswood - Has offers from Louisiana Tech and Western Kentucky

This isnโ€™t his 1st visit to UH

(Patrick) #103

C/O '20 3* OT Larry Moore from Ft Bend Marshall - Has offers from Kansas, Tulsa, ULM, SMU, and UTSA

(Patrick) #104

3* C/O '20 DB Jaalen Rening from Visalia, CA - Has an offer from Nevada

(Patrick) #105

3* C/O '20 Athlete Cornelius Dyson from Kentwood, LA - Has offers from ULL, Idaho, and Tulane

(Patrick) #106

(Patrick) #107

C/O '21 WR DeAndre Chandler from Katy Tompkins - No offers

(Patrick) #108

C/O '20 S Marcus Moore from Westfield - No offers
C/O '22 DL Demone Green from Heights - No offers
C/O '21 LB Chandon Sampson from Heights - No offers

(Patrick) #109

C/O '20 OG Jacob Dunfee from Philadelphia - No offers

(Patrick) #110

(Patrick) #111

C/O '20 OLB/RB Tyreece White from Newport News, VA - No offers

(Patrick) #112

(Patrick) #113

C/O '20 QB Cameran Guy from Dobie - No offers

(Patrick) #114

C/O '20 RB Dwain Goynes III from Dickinson - No offers (Dad was a RB/WR for A&M between '99-'02)

(Patrick) #115

C/O '20 Ath Ty Love from Yoakum - No offers

(Patrick) #116

C/O '21 S Cameron Moore from Bellaire Episcopal - No offers

(Patrick) #117

C/O '22 QB Demetrias Charles, WR Charles Kirtley, WR Josiah Prince and a RB from Channelview - No offers

(Patrick) #118

C/O '21 WR Colin Crane from Bellaire Episcopal - No offers

(Patrick) #119

(Patrick) #120

C/O '20 CB Jacobe Chester from Fort Bend Ridge Point - No offers