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Greg Fenves is stepping down as UT-Austin President and taking over President of Emory Univ. in GA.
One reason I put it here is do any of you see them going after Dr Khator or is that not a possibility.

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If that happened, I would expect a Big 12 invite quickly.


Hmmm. I didn’t look at it from that angle. Well then it won’t happen for sure, don’t see her and UT as a Match anyway!

edit: Fenves going from 50k+ in enrollment to 15k total :thinking:

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Emory = more prestige


Hi Jess22 and others, I am new to this board and this is my first post but I will admit I have been reading messages for awhile now. Regarding your question as to whether UT would consider our wonderful President khator as a replacement for their outgoing President I will tell you that President Khator told me about four or five years ago that both UT and TAMU asked her if she’d like to lead their universities. She thanked them for the invitation but told them she wasn’t interested! She’s amazing!!!


Welcome in Peggy. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion on any UH matters or anything goes here usually also… :grin:


Thank you for the warm welcome Jess!

Now I will say 4-5 yrs ago is Long time. I just know Univ Presidents can get stale with diff BOR etc. She’s been in her seat for over 10 yrs now…long time!

I’d be shocked if she left especially for a place like UT. From what I hear she is very happy at UH and loves Houston. She told me in that conversation that she was getting offers to leave UH from all over the country. I Hope I am correct. Have a great day.


Does Emory have a better FB team ??

Do they have FB !!

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small Private Univ but upper tier when it comes to Academics.

If UT wanted Khator they would blow her away with an offer she can’t refuse. They practically have unlimited funds. I’ve talked to her as recently as last year at the tailgate in Norman. She’s very happy at UofH and has bigger aspirations than most. Yes, she’s a baller and always deserves a raise, but if UT wants her she’s gone.

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Nobody has unlimited funds. Does it validate y’all if a Coog snubs UT? Why?


UT has more money than everybody else. They throw more money away in bad coaching hires than UofH has in its annual budget.

Most of that thrown away money comes from Boosters. I doubt boosters are helping pay for Presidents salary. Should come from Univ budget.

Why did Jay Gogue leave UofH for Auburn? $1.8 million reasons. UofH can’t compete with that.

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With all due respect. That’s not true. The PUF Fund pays them billions.

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IMO , I still don’t think Auburn went to Boosters for that, part of the Budget for Top Tier Employees. And yes we both can agree that Aub, UT have much larger budgets than UH does

Jay Gogue was also an Auburn alum and was only here for 4 years. Hard to compare the situations.

Khator’s compensation isn’t too far behind him these days either. She’s at $1.4M.


The PUF is taking a huge hit right now.


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