Not a good team


So far. It seems we always start slow…


I’m glad someone else said it first but I agree. So far, I’m not impressed with this team at all.

(Patrick) #3

This is the 3rd time under Whiting that we’ve been .500 or worse after the Minute Maid Classic (of course, it’s the last three times we’ve played in it). First time was 2016 when we missed the tourney. Then last year when we clicked once we got into conference and made the regional as a 3 seed.

Barring a long sustained run going forward, our ceiling is probably a 3 seed again if we make a similar run as we did last year.

But, we have some major issues. Starting pitching is struggling to go deep into games and I’m not sure the guys we have pitching the weekend are ever going to get there. That’s going to put pressure on a good bullpen all year.

But, really, it’s the offense that is lacking for this team up to this point. We have 2 guys on the roster hitting over .270 at this point (Triolo and Davis) and only one other hitting over .250 (Hyland). As far as OBP%, we have 4 guys over .350 (Triolo, Davis, Burckel, Way). Team is hitting .219 overall with only 43 runs in 10 games (compated to 61 for the opponents). That’s unacceptable at this point; if we can’t get hits, we aren’t going to win.

We are also 7 for 16 on stolen base attempts which is terrible. Just so many dumb ones as well to include the Arizona game where we had caught steals on back-to-back pitches. That needs to get cleaned up quickly as we have enough trouble scoring runs already; we don’t need to be giving up outs.

Good news is our schedule gets easier this week with Rice and Armyx3. Really need to win at least 3 of 4 this week and hopefully the bats can start going.


I am trying to stay positive but hate seeing these slow starts every year. Will be interesting to see what Rooney can do. Not a real fan of his pitching philosophy.

(steve saxenian) #5

We should have suspected a problem when 2 of our 3 weekend starters were position players last year .


I’m optimistic still. A lot of kinks get worked out as the season progresses… but honestly I thought we’d be much better than we’ve shown and the lack of timely hitting we’ve had the past few years is just not there. I do want one of those red Nike jackets they were wearing yesterday. I’d wear it tomorrow.

(Cougarpad) #7

At this point id rather watch the softball team. They have been dominating in the circle and the bats are alive. They have a legitimate shot at a conference championship. I also can see them really moving up in the rankings.

Also every year it is the same story with the baseball team. The Coogs hitting has been below par most of the years Whitting has been here. I don’t know who the hitting coach is but if he has been here all this time it is time to make a change. Every year the Coogs leave so many runners on base because of the lack of hitting discipline.

(sarkcoog) #9

I agree about Rooney. My other concern is where are the pitching recruits? Two of my weekend starters are players who for the last two years rarely if ever pitched and are field players. Those two now are pulling double duty.

We are not hitting, well here is part of our problem. Two guys who normally in the past hit well or having to focus on two different duties, pitching and hitting. At this level, that is pretty hard to do and I believe it is showing.


Are our hitters striking out more this year than last year?
Or are they hitting the ball but not in the gaps?
Maybe go back to basics such as keeping your head in and your eye on the ball. Make contact and things will happen.Go Coogs!


Well the good news is , we always seem to start slow. Get hot at end and get in The Dance is what matters

(Patrick) #12

Lot of flyouts, pop outs, and untimely strikeouts.

(Tom Green) #13

I agree w @Sarkcoog assessment that it certainly can’t help when two of the hitters you got good production from last year are now being counting on as weekend Starters on the mound. The two current Fri/Sat Starters (no names mentioned) should be mid-week starter options at best imo. It goes back to the post I made beginning of the Baseball year with recruiting. Hou Coogs is/has been good Baseball program for last several years and this shouldn’t happen, be different if couple of expected weekend Starters got hurt,not uncommon, but it seems to be more case of just not having quality arms that can go give you min 5-6 inn and allowing 1-2 runs. That’s what going to happen on opposite side in Conf when you go against UConn, ECU, USF, UCF. Hopefully things get better soon but don’t know where it’s coming from at the moment.


Hoping the boys get in going soon. It is a heavy JR/SR laden team. Only FR/SO with more than 5 AB’s are Burckel, Lovelace and Minter. Was hoping for some big bangs from Ron Brown, heck he has more mound appearances (4) than AB (1)…never seen him pitch at Bellaire. On bump Hynes and Aguilar only FR/SO to see action. JUCO class coming in is loaded

(srassen7) #15

There is more than 1 problem ailing this team, but this is our biggest problem right here.


The program has zero excitement. I noticed a rather downturn of sorts right after we lost Coach Anderson to Tennessee. And, are there any batting coaches that can teach the players how to hit and how to guide them in games, reading the opposing pitchers?

(Munzell Milluns) #17

I thought Whiting just got an extension.


He did


You can go out and get the best pitchers but it won’t help with the pitch calling they can throw 100 and he will still call 80% off speed.


Henry is on the Stopper of the Year Watch List. He had 28 appearances last year with a 5-1 record. Where is he?


I believe He is injured.