Not as bad as I thought

After re-watching the Rice game 3 times I’ve come to believe the following-

  1. Bloomgren was a great hire by Rice. Very good coach.
  2. Cephus will get NFL opportunity.
  3. Rice will be competitive. And, soon.
  4. We needed a wake up call.
  5. Despite my emotions, game was not out of our control. At any point.
  6. I need to get used to the, “free for all” D between the 30’s.
  7. Donofrio uses the short field (inside 30 yds) to compress/limit opponents options. Believes FGs are wins.
  8. We will score TDs often in 2 min or less. So, above makes sense.
  9. B Smith and M Stevenson will have ridiculous, record setting year.
  10. Later in the year, media will look at Kings stats and have an epiphany.
  11. P Carr will thrive.
  12. I Chambers will be impossible to keep off the field. Will lose the “rush end” designation.
  13. G Davis will not miss the 2 additional INTs he should have had again.
  14. We will beat Zona
  15. Scumlin will be booed.
  16. I will be drunk and loud while being funny instead of offensive.
  17. The Butkus Award Foundation will be in attendance. Cause I’m bringing em.

#HTownTakeover #GoCoogs


Good stuff.
Please elaborate on #6…free for all?
Also do you mean I Johnson should have had 2 Ints?
Watched game several times myself and don’t remember Davis dropping pics…IJ could of had 2 if turned for ball instead long completions imo.

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I agree that things are not as bad as it seemed in the first quarter.
the offense is better than it’s been in years.
i will reserve judgement on carr, stevenson and smith until i see them vs Az this week and then tech next. The caliber of defensive players will be better faster stronger the next two weeks…if we can still,score over the top and with the speed reverse vs az and tech then yes, smith, stevenson and carr are the real deal.
not sure just playing defense between the 30s will get it done…it may work vs inaccurate Tate but vs tech it will create a track meet…first team to 60:wins

As for this weekend against Zona I feel like we win as along as we don’t have an atrocious quarter of play. Avoid things like diving backwards to catch a punt and we win this game. Several boneheaded mistakes that are typical of season openers made the game seem closer than it truly was talent and scheme wise.
Let’s just hope those get cleaned up. We don’t want Smith getting it in his head and a case of the yips on punt returns.




Davis didn’t drop the picks he took the wrong angle. Both passes barely slipped by his cover close. Both would have gone a significant way the opposite direction. I forgot about Johnson’s bad angles. Welp that’s 4 ints right there. The “free for all” is what the end result of the soft cushion is. Everything inside 15 yds is open. It reminds me of kids playing in one of those bouncy things. Just flying around randomly hitting each other. Lol.

On scout i read where we didn’t blitz ever.

I definitely saw some blitzing. If memory serves the majority of it was delayed. If ed and chambers are in the backfield every play its obviously not as neccessary. However, in this scenario 15 yds should not be open due to the linebackers being in that zone. Could be we are, like last year out of position too often. Most of the big passing plays I saw were ridiculously accurate by the QB though.

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