Not buying in

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Exactly. Especially on offense because nearly no one returns next year there!

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I would assume not starting is motivation

But the problem with red-shirting these days is those guys can then just enter the transfer portal.


All I can do is hope our best players get motivated and buy in, otherwise there is no reason for them to be here.

Herman had the problem his first year in Texas when his seniors didn’t buy in. He ended the season 6-6.


If we read and listened to Holgerson during August we learned that our players were not used to working so hard.

I suspect this is part of the problem with certain players getting less playing time, or none at all.

Our program has some “dead wood” from the Applewhite era.

Only time will fix this. The men who have bought in must show the way.

And, by the by, has King bought in? Anyone thought of that? He is not playing well.


Bruh…two games in. What did you expect honestly, have you not been watching this program?

New system and our schedule is very short on time to prepare…PATIENTS is the word


I am having hard time understanding why so many are freaking out about the transition. It’d be great if we were Alabama starting out the gate, however, I think the last two years under Applewhite did a lot of damage, more than we realized.

I blame the “instant results” culture so prevalent now-a-days. But I digress.

One thing I know about Dana is, he’s no-nonsense and a truth-teller to the media and his players.


Listen to CDH’s presser from today posted on another thread. His philosophy is the guys who practice well get to play. I get that, but the underlying thing is why wouldn’t a guy practice well? Sometimes we have a bad couple of days, just in a funk. Sometimes it’s a longer term issue like attitude or Buying In as we call it.

Vs OU 55 different Coogs saw the field in one way or another. Vs PVAMU, 59 I thought it would be more and CDH said he wanted to play everyone but the offense checking out in the 2nd half, he couldn’t do it.

Here are the guys who played vs OU but didn’t vs PVAMU with a possible reason.

Mulbah Car - Trying to red-shirt him per coach
Keenan Murphy - Red-shirt, injury. Seems weird a guy who starts vs OU would be a red-shirt candidate but he has a year according to the roster info.
Bryce Washington - Red-shirt
Jack Freeman - Already red-shirted; injury?
Max Banes - Already red-shirted; injury?
Charles-Pierre - PV Game book does not list him but he played one play and got hit with unnecessary roughness in the PV end zone. You remember that beauty, right? Accepted penalties don’t count as official plays. That’s the kind of bone-headed stuff that will keep a decent player on the bench.

Played vs PV but not OU

Bardwell - Red-shirt?
Richardson - Red-shirt freshman so PV was developmental time for him.
Payne - Red-shirt? Some on here though he was a plug and play JUCO stud. Maybe needs more work.
Godfrey - Red-shirt, injury, buy-in?
Hologorson - Red-shirt vs PV
Lark - Red-shirt, buy-in?
Gilbert - Red-shirt?
Phenix - Already red-shirted so he’s in development
Lewis - Red-shirt
Ramsey - Red-shirt, did kickoffs and looked good.


If they start 1-3, don’t be surprised if EVERYONE gets a redshirt, King included.

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Is this a joke?

I’m not sure that is the word…


It has to be. I’m flabbergasted at some of the posts.


Me too. We have always played to the competition

The patients is doa. :man_health_worker:t3:


What’s the problem. CDH came in and said “you’re either with me or against me”… what’s the problem… buy in or get out…

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Horrible thread. Horrible premise.


I hate to be the grammar police but it’s “patience”.