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Quest for AAU and P5 Acceptance or Independence

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Man, UH has been talking about that since at least the Arthur Smith days. Awesome it’s finally happening!

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Absolutely huge !


Another BIG reason for UT to hate us! First a failed land grab, now this?

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Love this part
"focused on preparing primary care doctors to practice in underserved urban and rural communities in Houston and across Texas"

“Most immediately, UH will finalize a partnership with HCA Healthcare’s Gulf Coast Division (Hospital Corporation of America) to bring 103 first-year resident positions to the Houston area by 2020, and expand to 309 total resident positions by 2024”

“Anticipated full enrollment is 480 students and 130 faculty and support staff.”


This is all still pending state approval, but the planning dean seemed pretty confident it would pass.


Your UH degree is about to become more lucrative. This is awesome!

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I love that woman. She taught us to think big and quit apologizing for being the University of Houston.

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I imagine donations to the school will rise for this. I’m sure some Doctors who sent to UH undergrad proudly will donate.


How does this differ from the medical school that was blocked a few years ago?

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“Initially, the school will be housed on two floors inside the nearly completed Health and Biomedical Sciences Building II, a $145 million, 300,000-square-foot facility. It will have a maximum of 60 students. However, the study estimates that it will cost $13.1 million to build out the two floors in the building.”


The things that have been accomplished at this university the past 5 years alone is insane


Thank dr khator for those accomplishments! She is awesome and works tirelessly for us

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