Not going for the FG


I was always told that you take the points. Changed the game, we are stopped, they go on a long scoring drive. The difference.

Always take the points, it was still early…


That or throwing an INT into the end zone or getting the lead and then giving it back two plays later or having them 2 and 12 and giving up 14 or the stupid penalties etc…

(jimmyschofield) #3

I’m fine with going for it. I mean I can understand Applewhite’s mindset. It’s like Herman’s. If you can’t get a yard, even running the ball up the middle when the opponent knows what’s coming, why even line up and play? Just return your jock strap to the gym instructor and go home, Nancy boy. lol. Of course a nice read option with King every now and again would be nice. You could even call a reverse and get an easy score if you wanted to use some oh say, creativity?


Now that we have demonstrated over and over and over again that we cannot gain a yard running straight up the middle when taking the snap 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage, you would think that we would have tried something different. Who do we think we are, Alabama?

I’m reminded that one definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

IIRC, the college FB rule book still allows for such things as pre-snap motion, misdirection, taking a QB snap directly under center, etc.


Problem is, it’s not as simple as “try something different.” This isn’t Madden – you can’t just say “run this play” and assume it gets executed perfectly. Going under center means the center has to snap differently, the QB has to take the snap and execute the handoff differently, and the OL has to execute a blocking scheme better designed for an under center play. All of that takes a lot of practice time, and that practice time is probably better utilized practicing the plays we already have so that we can actually pick up that yard next time.


I get the Puffer Fish mentality, but we’ve been stopped on 4th down a lot this year. We’re 6 of 15 for 40% tied for 105th in the country. Larry Dierker used to say something bad always happens after you get caught stealing. Going for it on 4th down, in field goal range, early in the game and not getting it is a caught stealing.

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6 of 15 is horrible.
I wonder how we do on 3rd and 1.
I rarely remember anything but a run up the middle.


Overall, we are 11th in 3rd down conversion at 46.9%. Someone would have to analyze each 3rd down play to answer your question. But I am off this week so maybe I’ll do it.

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Saw something last week that said we were top 15 on 3rd and 1-2 yard conversions


Interesting. I wonder if we’re passing or running more or if it’s basically even.