Not the end of the world

(Jimmy Morris) #1

Had this game circled several weeks ago as our first loss but was riding high after our first two conference wins and predicted a win. This is nothing like Cincy losing to ECU. In fact, if there was a way to lose, was this not the perfect way? Bad calls by the refs, brain farts on defense and ball handling, missed open jumpers by some of our best shooters and yet almost take it to overtime against a NCAA bubble team and the toughest road game of the season to date.

We are still in the driver seat to a regular season championship and a top 4 seed.

(Patrick) #2

Yes. We’re still in great shape; just need to come out strong this Saturday and learn from the mistakes.

(Jason) #3

I had this one circled as well. I also thought at Temple plus the next two vs. Wichita and at SMU would be our most difficult stretch of the season. Coming out of it 2-1 would be great, but I’d also not be surprised if another loss was in there somewhere, too.

(Dan) #4

Our depth and relentless defense matches up well against SMU’s short bench, even on the road. I think we can wear them down. I agree not the end of the world at all. We play Temple 10 times in their house I say we win 7 of them, just not our night. The team competed, did not quit when shots weren’t falling and that’s what CKS wants to see in January.

(Thomas) #5

Long season here. Going to be off nights, but the tell of the tape is how they come back this week and play against WSU. I just wish that we had a gunner who could consistently hit the long ball.


If I was a Shocker fan, I would be nervous for this Saturday. I see a bloodbath in their future.