Notice How Big Name Schhols are Losing Relevance

(G.W.) #1

Iowa State
Kansas State
Ol Miss
Mississippi State
There are a bunch of others. But unless some of these teams cheat like the MS schools they don’t do well.

Remember when Nebraska and Colorado won National Championships? Now they have a tough time beating weaker teams and almost never upset good teams.

I don’t include the Baylors, Dukes, WFs because they have never really been relevant. But all this moving around, tv xontract manipulation, and killing of rivalries has really hurt some once proud programs.

And the AAC keeps getting better teams in areas with more eyeballs. So we, like the old MWC, get killed by ESPN when we get too good as a conference. They just yank out the name teams. Most of the ACC is hot garbage. When we surpass them as a conference watch two teams get “moved up”. Sorry drifter from my original point…

(Chris) #2

The cfp/cartel is slowly killing College Football. They are raking up $M’s right now but what will be the effect of having the same four to seven Teams winning year in year out? This opens the door for other sports to get in like MLS.

(CoogDentist) #3

Nothing will change as long as the money is still there. When the money starts to dry up it will be time to change the system.

(Chris) #4

Same Teams winning? The current younger generation will lose interest. They are the future customers.

(Ron Derrington) #5

, mmm


And yet you included Kansas. Other than the Mangino years, They’ve been consistent doormats

(shharper01) #7

Texas Longhorns


This is why (if they are smart) the P5 conferences will not formally split from the G4. Every game is a zero-sum game. If P5s only play other P5s, many of those schools become associated with losing. 18 year olds don’t have long memories and don’t like doing research, so it can get tough in a hurry for teams to recruit.

(Dan) #9

Chip Kelly choosing UCLA over Florida speaks volumes to the changing landscape. Big tradition, big expectations, fans with pitchforks after every loss? No thanks. I’ll be in the big city where 8 wins is fine, we don’t have to beat Bama, and people have better things to do after a loss than call Finebaum.