Notre Dame Cathedral will now turned into the

(Dave) #1

Alamo and USS Constitution (Ole Ironsides) …

The Alamo standing now in San Antonio is a replica … reconstructed from the ground up in 1890 … the original was destroyed by Santa Ana in 1836

The USS Constitution in Charleston shipyard in Boston is a 3rd generation replica of the original … the only thing left from the original ship is the hull below the waterline … all the cannons, mast, riggings, and interior are replicas …

Having watched many documentaries on the Smithsonian channel … it seems that many famous structures throughout America are not the originals but replicas … restored by the historical societies in their area …

NOW it seems that the Notre Dame cathedral which has survived over 800 years will be mostly a restored replica once the people of Paris rebuild it.

(Chris) #2

Not quite Dave. Most of the inside and the actual structure has been saved and yes that is a miracle. The coming months will be critical to secure the entire structure. The wooden roof is destroyed but it will be rebuilt.

Notre Dame went through other fires and pillage (French revolution) Remember that it took nearly 200 years for the cathedral to be finished. I even read 300 years.

French President Macron gave five years for it to be restored. 15 to 40 years is probably much more accurate. Donations are pouring in but to be able to find world wide artists to rebuilt what was destroyed will be by far the hardest part. We all have to keep in mind that the entire cathedral was done by human hands/artists. I have been going to the cathedral before I can even remember. So you you can imagine what feel /i have been going through the past 24 hours.
We should know within a few weeks if it was indeed an accidental fire. I honestly find it difficult to accept since many churches have been recently damaged. Easter is just a few days away with this week being Saint’s week.
God is bigger than any fire.This tragedy reminds us how important is our faith and the human spirit. AMEN.

(Paul Marlow) #3

The roof was basically made out of a forest of oak trees. I think I read 12-13k trees.

(Chris) #4

Most of the trees were 300 years old…each. It is very rare now that an European forest have so many 300 years old trees. I watched an interview of a Swiss wood worker that I had visited the cathedral years ago. He considered like many others the Cathedral’s roof as the Mona Lisa of wood works. Notre Dame suffered greatly but she will survive and will come back.