Now that's a sweet win!

(PortlandCoog) #1

Go Coogs!!!

(G.W.) #2

Beat the Bearcats AND the refs. Sooooo many bad calls against us. It may have been same for UC but I saw terrible calls on our guys.
So glad to win that one…should be good enough to dance.

(PortlandCoog) #3

The calls were just insanely bad.

(G.W.) #4

The announcers were a bit astonished at a lot of calls that went against us, or bailed out UC. There were a couple good rebounds where the UC guy came over the top and they called the UH who got the ball.

(Matt Jackson) #5

Horrific officiating…and again Gray with an off night and UH still beats a Top 10 team. If this team fires on all cylinders and doesn’t face teams with mega size…they are DANGEROUS. Zanna with some huge offensive rebounds tonight. Great job by coaches and players.

(Charles) #6

I can’t remember a Coog team who could play 1/2 court as well as run and who played such good D. Yeah

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #7

I really hate griping about the officials but that crew was atrocious! Hopefully they get reviews like the pro refs get. They lost control of the game and looked totally lost out there, like there was a ref strike and we pulled three guys out of the stands to fill in.

But the good guys overcame it all!


I don’t know if they found those 3 refs on Craig’s List or they came in on the Cincinnati team bus. The first half opened with 6 consecutive team fouls on UH and the second half followed with 4-5 consecutive team fouls on UH before any of those inept refs noticed a single team foul on Cincinnati, even though UH players were getting hammered.

I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve been watching UH hoops since the 1969-1970 season. Simply said, those 3 refs in tonight’s game were really pathetic.


Thank you Coogs! At least for today that makes my Red Raiders a #2 seed! Great win!


No, Watson and Galvan did just as bad when we were independent and then in the SW conference.


Were the referees biased towards Cincinnati? Obviously, YES! Plus, Cincinnati’s uniforms tonight were black and white; and referees’ uniforms tonight were black and white. … Just sayin’.


I haven’t heard of Galvan in decades. That twerp would call fouls on UH just to hear the crowd boo him.


I remember galvan…


Watson was often paired with him. When the crowd booed him, his neck kept on getting redder and his calls against UH went from bad to really bad to terrible. He was an aggie back in the day when they still remember UH knocking the aggies out of a shot at being national champs.


The fact that multiple people remember refs’ names from 30 years ago is hilarious and terrible.


We remember them not because they were bad refs but because they were mean vindictive crooked refs that deliberately tried to make UH lose games by their calls.

(Jim Fletcher) #17

Delmarred and Oldtime Coog, you forgot Lynn Shortnacy.


I found it odd that on several occasions they blew the whistle early before contact was even made in anticipation of a foul. Also odd that Cincy was able to get away with obviously trapping the ball on their body 2-3 times while dribbling right in front of ref with no traveling call.


How can we talk about refs from back in the day and not mention Tanco. That guy loved to call fouls on Hakeem. And, he was a Barry Switzer look-alike. I used to make myself hoarse yelling at him, including at the nat’l championship game against Georgetown. I knew when I saw he was the ref to that game that Hakeem was starting the game with three fouls.


That is true. Galvan went on to become the lead ref for the SEC. A good thing since we no longer has to put up with him.