NSD Thread Class of 2018

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I thought recruits couldn’t sign until tomorrow.


Has any one heard if Amie made a decision between UH and Syracuse or is that going to be made tomorrow at the signing?

(Eric Prado) #6

Well he already made that decision back in June…


He did but he took an OV this past weekend to Syracuse and posted pics and Coog twitter was freaking out a little about him flipping

(Eric Prado) #8

I know. Im just being a smart ass.


Ah…flew over my head. At least early signing day is tomorrow and we don’t have to more months of flipping as much. I wonder who is not signing tomorrow of our commits

(Ricardo Montano) #10

Rob Sellers says Nico Ezidore will not sign with the team. We have 2 scholarships left to give.

(Phil) #11

Sulphur is closed tomorrow, he probably wants a picture at the school.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #12

They can’t submit the paper work until today, they could sign it yesterday though

(Eric Prado) #13

It’s early Christmas Time!!

(Patrick) #14

Kelan Walker signed first

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Nice! He was our first commit too!!

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Henry Thomas is 3rd

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Johnathan Phenix is in

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Christian Trahan is in