Numbers don't lie


Art Briles, 34–28–0 (2003–07)
Chris Thurmond, 0–1–0 (2007)
Kevin Sumlin, 35–17–0 (2008–11)
Tony Levine, 21–17–0 (2011–14)
David Gibbs, 1–0–0 (2014)
Tom Herman, 22–4–0 (2015–16)
Major Applewhite, 4–4–0 (2016–)

Opie is the worst hire in 15 years. At best we go 2-2 the rest of the way, making him 6-6. Possibility to go 1-3, putting him at 5-7. Absolute worst coaching hire in a long time… I almost feel like we are getting punked by some inside job by the longwhorns.


Major and staff are coaching Juniors and Seniors that were Levine’s last 2 years of recruiting. Those classes were not as good as his first 2 which Herman and staff enjoyed in 2015. We’ve heard CMA has many good connections with Texas HS coaches. Hopefully recruiting will pick up.

(Jimmy Morris) #3

Fake news Briles never beat a top 25 team. Tony Levine went 5-7 his first season in a much worse conference.

Comparing the complete body of work versus the first 7 games for Applewhite is like comparing King’s passing statistics to Ward’s passing statistics to say which is the better QB.


I sure hope the recruiting picks up. This year’s class seems mediocre at best.

(br5exg) #5

Until CMA has the number of embarrassing losses CTL had while he was here calling him the worst hire in 15 years is pretty stupid, but I’m not surprised since it’s coming from someone calling our HC Opie.

As frustrating as some of these losses have been I have yet to feel like I did when we lost to UTSA. That one still boils my blood. The Tx St loss is a close second.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

Mediocre compared to what? This class has more 3 star commits than any of Briles’, Sumlin’s or Levine’s recruiting classes.


Compared to the other colleges.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

You mean compared to P5 schools?

(Bryant Hargrave) #9

Wow OP, just wow. This head to be the absolute worst use of numbers ever. .And I say this as someone who has never been on the Private Applewhite train. These numbers don’t lie but they also aren’t telling anyone anything. This is just bad comparisons at this point. Followed by a fairly incoherent rant.

Hopefully you’ve sobered up and could maybe put something together that makes sense because this is just gibberish and records.

No it’s not a UT deep state job either. Applewhite has virtually never been a top tier coach. There was a reason he was at home when Herman called him it wasn’t because programs were beating down his door.


Lets keep it in perspective:

Nebraska is 3-4
Tennessee is 3-3
Arkansas is 2-4
Texas is 3-3
Florida State is 2-3
Pitt is 2-5
UCLA is 3-3

We don’t have a QB. Last night was very disappointing,


EXACTLY my thoughts ( and yes, I know, I am paranoid)!

We should never again have anyone on our staff who has EVER had anything to do with the Great Satan over in Austin!

(br5exg) #12

Here are the number of 3-star players from CTL’s and CTH’s recruiting classes still on the team. Two things stand out. A small number of 3-star players that are either juniors or seniors and our recruitment of OL that 3-star or higher was atrocious CTL’s last couple of years and CTH’s first year.

2013: 3
D’Juan Hines
Chauntez Jackson
Nick Thurman

2014: 11
Isaiah Johnson, Kaliq Kokuma, Zach Vaughan, Matthew Adams, Steven Dunbar, Mason Denley, Joeal Williams, Jeremy Winchester, Khalil Williams, Ja’Von Shelley, Romello Brooker, Marcus Oliver

CTH’s classes 2015-2017: 23
Kameron Eloph, Joshua Jones, Terry Mark, Kevrin Justice, Kobe Idumwonyi, Mulbah Car, Marquez Stevenson, Collin Wilder, Keith Corbin, Terrell Williams, Keenan Murphy, Dixie Wooten III, Aymiel Fleming, Jeremy Singleton, Bryson Smith, Parker Eichenberger, Dennis Bardwell, Noah Jones, Amaud Willis-Dalton, Dalton Witherspoon, Elijah Gooden, Derek Parish, Alexander Duke

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Two things I don’t understand with your breakdown. One, why are 2015 through 2017 grouped together and two, why does CTH get credit for the entire 2015 class and 2017 class. CTH should only get credit for the ones that committed after he was hired and before he left.

(br5exg) #14

The 2015-2017 classes are grouped together since they do not count for CTL. I separated 2013 and 2014 to list the players that should be SR/RS-SR and JR/RS-JR. This shows just how much our OL is lacking.

CTH was hired prior to the 2015 NSD, but you are correct that he shouldn’t get credit for the 2017 class. I added them to show how many 3-stars are currently on the roster (not including transfers).


Losing UL and Rutgers and replacing with Navy, Tulane and SMU does not make a conference better. I am not asking for Levine to come back but he did have the tougher slate. What we are in now is the same old CUSA we had before minus Rice and plus Navy.

(Mark Shapiro) #16

I disagree. CUSA did not have multiple teams ranked at the same time. This is a much better conference than the one we left.

(br5exg) #17

Bingo! The American, with all its flaws, has 3 teams ranked in the top 25. THREE!!! Navy’s two losses are to UCF and Memphis (both ranked). Should they win their next two games and then upset Notre Dame they’ll getting looked at to enter the rankings.

(Jimmy Morris) #18

When we were in C-USA, we were in the 8th best conference. The AAC replaced the Big East as the 6th best conference. In basketball we went from the 11th best to the 7th best and we might even move up further with the latest addition.

(WRB) #19

AAC today is much better than CUSA of our time in conference. I have a whole family of Southern Miss alumni. They remind me of the fact that they kept us out of the Sugar Bowl, and I remind them of the triple OT win at Robertson. Anyway, they all acknowledge that the UH program has grown significantly since our old CUSA Days.

(jb) #20

I like to call it “zombie Conference USA.”