NURA ZANNA playing UH football this fall

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TE but Nantz made a comment about helping Big Ed on defense.

Mentioned by announcing crew during AAC Hoops championship game.


I heard it also.

(jimmyschofield) #3

At 6-6, 240 he’s got a great build to be a nice blocking TE if Coach Casey can teach him the fundamentals. Bring on the pancakes!

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Its worth a try. He is short for his position pretty much everywhere on the pro level in hoop but a potential brute at TE.

Lifting for fb after hoop ends should bulk up his lower body on an already jacked frame.

His brother plays pro hoop in Israel & was All-ACC at Pitt. A PF for Nigeria’s national team. He could try that route if football doesn’t fit.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

Not sure hoops is his future. Teammates were getting pretty upset with his lack of composure the last couple of games. I’m thinking his college numbers came from playing smaller/weaker match ups.

(Butch) #6

Zanna probably has little chance making it in any pro basketball league…but that said he thankfully gives us some physicality in the middle, something we have been lacking. His hustles his rear off and hustles down rebounds, the very reason Sampson brought him on board. IMO he is better than Breon at this point. I still maintain we are a big center away from being an elite team.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

I’d be satisfied with a power forward that can average 8 points and 8 rebounds a game without fouling out.


Good for him trying to help the FB team. Not an easy transition but he knows how to set a screen. :slight_smile:

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Y’all think he was being serious?

(Alfred Matthews) #10

LOL I know right? Isnt he in grad school? Pretty sure he has ran out of eligibility to play sports.

(Mark Shapiro) #11

I didn’t record the game, but I think the comment was his physique and how much Applewhite would like that kind of build on his team. It was tongue firmly in cheek. Anybody who recorded the game can correct me if I’m wrong.


One of the other announcers brought up that he had plans to play football, I assumed trying to go for the NFL like others have done. But then Nantz started talking about him being a great fit for Applewhite’s team. I rarely doubt Nantz, but maybe he was just using it as an excuse to give a shout out to the football team, he mentioned Ed Oliver and the Outland trophy. He shouldn’t have any eligibility since he was at LIU Brooklyn 4 years, then his year here.


Not sure if FB eligibility runs with BB eligibility.


Yeah. Greg Paulus played all four years at Duke and played QB at Syracuse after he graduated. I think since basketball is considered a “spring” sport he can play 1 season of football.


I assume it would be under medical RS rules since he was redshirted while injured his true FR season. Would give him sixth year to play other sports besides basketball where he will have no eligibility left.

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Chris Hogan of Bills then Patriots had a similar situation.
Lacrosse at Penn State with an injury redshirt year then 1 year of football at Monmouth.

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Sigh, so Zanna was 50 sec away from winning the American basketball title and a good chance at an American football title in the same running year.


Clock starts regardless.

So only chance would be if he did not enroll at LIU Brooklyn for the 2013 fall semester. The examples of Paulus and Hogan aren’t the same, they both did it within their 5 year window.


This is something I was thinking about, but for six years of eligibility you need two injury redshirt seasons (and get waiver from NCAA). Don’t see how they could do that. If he had an injury before the start of the (basketball) season, there might be a possibility of getting it approved but I highly doubt it.

(Butch) #20

I think that guy is already on the team…White is going to be a very good power forward for us…