NY6 Bowl: Houston vs Texas


Needs to happen

(Patrick) #2

It would have to be Fiesta Bowl this year.

(Alfred Matthews) #3

i got texas making the playffs so it wont happen.


No way… not unless Notre Dame loses

Even if Texas wins the Big 12, you have Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Ohio State

(Alfred Matthews) #5

clemson is screwed if lawrence misses time.
ND will choke as usual
If texas wins all their remaining teams including the big 12 title game they would have beaten 5 maybe 6 ranked teams.

Texas has a good shot at making the cfb playoffs.


Lol. No way Texas is going to the playoffs this year. They lost against a lowly Maryland team. Keep dreaming boyz


We lost to Connecticut our peach bowl year.

(Alfred Matthews) #8

maryland is 3-1. they arent “lowly”. OU lost to freaking iowa st last year and made the playoffs.


Why you do that to me?


They’re talking playoffs


Iowa st has little more cache & they were a conference foe. I know it’s not fair but the CFB cartel just isn’t. Welcome to the world of college football in 2018-19


Moot point, Oklahoma will probably come back and win.

(Alfred Matthews) #13

maryland had a player die during the offseason and it was an emotional game for them.

(09Frontiersmen) #14

BigXII is not making the playoffs with their counter productive 13th data point.

(Alfred Matthews) #15

you want to bet?


If UH lost to Maryland and I gave that as a reason you would call it an excuse. Do you ever post on the UT boards?

The reason I dislike Herman is what he did to the players future health to get his job. Not even counting his lies and unprofessional way he left. Poop on Herman.

(Alfred Matthews) #17

if UH lost to maryland under those circumstances i would understand. maryland is a good team though so even if we lost to them without those circumstances i wouldnt be mad.

(Alfred Matthews) #20

they might upset michigan today btw.


UH vs TUrds in Bowl game…that would be fun but Herman would destroy Major i am afraid

(Cary) #22

How epic would it be if Houston beat Texas?!? The players on Houston would be pretty damn motivated. You would have to hold Ed back.