NY6 Bowl: Houston vs Texas


That would be the biggest game in UH history post-SWC


Just watch. They’re likely to make the playoffs rather easily.

(Alfred Matthews) #25

duh lol

(Trent) #26

I got WV to win the bug 12, ND makes playoff. Don’t forget that Georgia is #2 so they might go 2 SEC, ND, and TOSU. Washington and LSU also lurking.

(James Duncan) #27

Gotta give Lyin Tom his due turning around completely what look to be a train wreck. Remember the horn thread posted after the Maryland loss. Who’d thought they’d be in the playoff hunt again.

(Cary) #28

They aren’t going to make it. I think this year there will be multiple undefeateds and Texas has another inexplicable loss coming their way.

They are better. Judas might have a team next year if he can retain Orlando.

(Russel ) #29

I don’t know if they are a good team or not…they did get blown out by temple. It’s going to be a tough road for ut as they will have to beat West Virginia or Oklahoma a second time.


West Virginia is the best team in the little 12. Texas looks like the second best team right now. I think they’ll up at 10-2 or 9-3 at worst. WV will beat them in Austin because of Grier and their balance as an overall team. But in 2019, I can see them being in the thick of things in the playoffs.


They get WV at home but go to OSU and Tech. Odds are they won’t win both of those games. The ideal situation is Alabama, Clemson, Ohio St. and Notre Dame all go undefeated and Texas wins out. Change is only coming once a big name team gets left out.


Notre Dame is the only iffy, but they’re pretty good. Georgia is good as well.

(CoogNation_14) #33

Sadly, I agree. :pensive: I would not want that game this year, but I could see it happening.


To be fair to CMA, TUrds are loaded. It would be lot of fun but just don’t see TU going for it


Texas or any other Big 12 team is not playing Houston in a bowl game. Ever.


I don’t see Kansas having a problem playing us. Especially since they have scoreboard on us after the last bowl game against them. Same with TCU.

Baylor will take any comer, including us. They’ll be happy to go bowling.

Why wouldn’t Iowa state nor Kansas state play us in a bowl?


“Why you do that to me?”

Because your wife is always thinking about Magic Johnson.


Still not giving up on this scenario lol


I wouldn’t say that. If it’s a bowl game that is the only way Texas or ATM plays UH…otherwise…no!


Texas had two phony calls and one non call in the 2nd quarter. Good for 10 points and the game.


Not givin up!

(Rafael) #42

Only happens if we win out , and if Texas wins out but loses their conference championship game.