O-line Coach *Upgrade

What the hell…


Darren Hiller ?? First time I’ve heard of him.

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Wish they’d do something about coach’s contracts in the NCAA. Ridiculous that they can move so easily and the players can’t.

Of course, Hiller didn’t even last 2 months and may not even have his contract approved by the BOR.

Next man up.

Edit to add: Oklahoma State just let go their OL coach today, Greg Adkins. Might be a guy the COOGS look at; Pokes were much improved this year on their line.

Edit to add: And AJ Ricker is still available


Lol Aj Ricker again.


Well, that helps explain the lackluster OL recruiting.


Does someone have details? Sounds like a dumb move unless he is making 1M. Lateral move to Indiana?..INDIANA?? Let’s see how this plays out.

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Right…lateral move at best. Indiana? P5 or not. haven’t heard anything from CMA or Duarte. CMA sounded off on those recruits that flipped last minute in a couple of interviews, and Cosmi was one of them…wondering if it is related as mentioned above. Many candidates available I’m sure

Is it legal to walk out on a newly signed contract?
Do we receive any compensation from Indiana?

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Depends on the terms of the contract

Maybe major was not happy with his recruiting practices.


UH needs to hire some of us to some do-nothing titles so P5 schools will just hand us a job.


Brilliant idea.


That is the most realistic assumption about this situation. I kept wondering why we weren’t signing impact players for the O-line, since it was an obvious point of weakness last year. If true, this also speaks volumes about Major’s management style. He conducts his affairs with dignity and professionalism. No big media events.

Double boom!

Hiller quit us. We didn’t quit him.

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