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Perhaps the moderators/owners should consider creating an Obituary Section to the site in order to list the names of those who have passed. I believe those who have passed deserve to be remembered in a manner other than one thread and have it pass into obscurity over the course of time.

Food for thought.


Thats certainly a noble thought and I like the suggestion. But on the other hand I think the
internet provides other dedicated sites for memorials
that can do a better job at it. It could be extremely
painful if someone were to post something inappropriate ; even if the post was later fixed.

Ive noticed that UH has a faculty memorials section for a few years now. The physics department is pretty good.

Unless maybe you have a “closed” memorial remembrances posted section ? I dunno; up to the powers that be.

I hope to see Baylor’s obit Sunday.


We’re talking about a serious subject about UH fans who have passed. If it’s OK with you, I would like to keep responses on topic. Thank you.


I’m a little surprised this topic has not gotten more attention or comments.
I’ll chalk it up to all the hoops news ( 37 years since our last Final Four) and
people just being uncomfortable with discussing death in general. If
you changed the thread title it might get more views.

I did a search on coogfans on “obit” and was only able to find a few intended hits.
Memory tells me there are many more in the deep archives that had been posted
here. The point being many are in a sense “lost”.

I believe we should have a section entitled “Fan Memorials”. The threads about
the passing should be moved there. Maybe with a final title edit to include their
name and screen name used so there is some consistency.

Fan Memorial Section ?
  • Yes
  • No

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Definitely a nice thought for Coogs that have passed. All for it!

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