Observations after rewatching game

(G.W.) #1

During the first scoring drive we did not throw a pass down the LOS.
During the second scoring drive we threw it twice within 3 yards of the LOS
Up until the 4th Q we had only two slant passes to the middle of the field (both were less than 5 yard gains.
We threw one skinny post that went for 25+ yards.
Birden and Postma worked the read option much better than Catalon and Postma. It seemed Postma made better decision when Birden was in (especially pulling the ball out and taking it himself).
We ran a jailbreak screen for a loss, then we followed it with the SAME jailbreak screen on the next play (great effort by Dunbar to get 8, but he had to go back 3 yards behind the LOS.
OPI penalties…first one was very suspect. Second one the guy would have had no play to stop the Jefferson TD even if Jefferson had not touched him.
Q3 and Q4 was filled with passes down the LOS and QB draws, not read options.
Postma is not afraid to go to the WR in man coverage. He lets his WRs make plays.
The O spreads the field but never takes advantage of the middle of the field. Crossing routes were almost non-existent.
Too many penalties. We seem to have some issues with illegal formation.
D is solid
O plays a TOP game, but we need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with dumb penalties
We have no play-makers with speed so we will always need long sustained drives with no penalties.
Go Coogs, beat SMU!

(Patrick) #2

Nice, appreciate it

(A.R. ) #3

I rewatched the game as well - There were some promising signs from the offense but ultimately it was not reflected in our point total because of bad red zone execution, penalties, drops, and conservative play calling due to protecting a lead. The changes in the offense (throwing on first down, Birden carrying the ball more than Catalon pre injury, making the switch to postma) make me optimistic there will be more adjustments and hopefully we can get the ship righted.

Go coogs!!


Rewatching 2nd half offense. Through 2 possessions a few things sticking out.

Duke seems best when running wide. Need to take advantage that more. He’s got some speed.

Good to see UH actually throw the ball into the endzone when near the goal line for a change. Don’t think we did that the first 2 games and maybe just one attempt vs Tech.

We called the same play twice in a row 4 times in 2 drives (sometimes just swapping thr side of the field). That’s next level, high school, WTF.

Temple was only putting 2 defenders on our 3 WR split wide, bunch formation and we never once took advantage of that. More WTF. Once they did this twice the next time we should have been burning them for it. Instead we stopped even looking that way which basically allowed them another defender elsewhere.


3rd possession. Good Lord you can’t start a possession after kickoff with delay-of-game. This wasn’t game noise or intimidation by the other team. This was the offensice coordinator and the head coach screwing up.

When you are in second and long IMHO your mindset has to be to get half the yardage to make third-down manageable. But our strategy seems to be throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage.

4th possession starts with 2 throws behind the LOS, very similar, fooling nobody. The second worse than the first because they just saw a similar play making it obvious what we were going to do. DB just ran up and takled out guy as soon as he caught the ball. 3rd and long we called a qb draw that luckily stumbled to a 1st down.

I thought things were changing based on the next 2 calls. Wide run for Catalon & then passing down field. Even though it wad a bad throw I like stretching the D there.

But on 3rd and long we once again called a QB draw and I’m shaking my head again.

There is no inventiveness and no recognition of what the D is giving up to our playcalling.


Last possession. I really, really hate that we never go under center. All we needed was 1 first down and game is over. We get 8 yards on 1st down but then lose 4 on a read option handoff because that play is slow developing. Slow developing plays are not high % plays in short yardage.

Our last 3 third downs, all +5yards, of the game we ran QB draw on all 3. Would have at least liked to see another RB for a blocker on the last one. We’re fooling nobody putting 4 receivers out wide.


Lastly I hope the coaches talk to Garrett Davis about ball security after intercepting. He was holding the rock with one hand out wide and celebration before he took a knee. Could you imagine if it would have got swatted out of his hand, like it almost did, and picked up by Temple and run for a TD? I can. Perhaps it’s just because of how much our offense has me feeling pessimistic

(Tom) #8

CMA in the first half with a whiteboard, talking to a Postma. Not being picky , but shouldn’t a coordinator be doing that.

Looked strange, may not have been him


OC was in the press box, same place applewhite was last year


There are those on this board who think CMA should be calling the plays. I disagree with that. Which coaches are upstairs during the game?

(shharper01) #11

Don’t the sideline passes get completed with a high percentage and on average yield more than a running play?

(G.W.) #12

Sometimes they do. But we have also had lots of negative plays that put us behind the sticks. It also allows the D to play right on the WR without worrying us going over the top for big plays.