Off topic...but be safe tonight...bad weather

Just checked the forecast for H-Town (Humble) and it is saying 5-8 inches of snow/ice tonight with freezing rain starting this afternoon. Avoid driving tonight…and also expect to possibly lose power.


Stay safe and warm everyone

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Is snowing right now in Arizona and New Mexico. Ruidoso already has one foot and temp is zero.

Headed for Texas next.

You, too, Twinmom. :slightly_smiling_face:


This time last Sunday we were having ice issues in North Georgia. This weather is crazy. Y’all stay safe out there. Call out of work and stay logged into Coogfans all day. :rofl:


My employer already called off work!!!

I have Grandchildren in The Conroe ISD.

School is cancelled both Monday and Tuesday, so far.

Surprised we’re having weather like this in mid-Feb. We’re only 2/3 weeks away from our bushes and grass to start growing again with early March around the corner.

Groundhog told us


Of course, I planted a couple of tomatoes early this year


Officially, winter isn’t over until March 21st or so (Spring Equinox).

one thing we can all agree on, the climate changes.

  • February 14–February 15, 1895: 20 inches (51 cm) of snow, its largest snowfall from one storm on record.[32]

Does explain the really bad storm with 20" of snow that we had on this day in 1895?


Houston’s climate has not changed. Neither has the other climate zones in our Nation.

Each zone has numerous characteristics one of which is temperature range. Lots of others. Lots.

Measured snowfall in Houston was 4.4 inches Feb. 12, 1960.
Houston has had sporadic snowfall over the years but in 1973 it snowed here 3 separate times. Jan. 11 was 2.1 inches, Feb. 9 was 1.2 inches and Feb. 17 of 1973 was 2.3 inches.
I’m referencing a chart I clipped out of the Chronicle about 20 years ago and I know we’ve had a couple snowfalls since.
February seems to be the likely month for snowfall in Houston even though 1 inch was measured on March 22, 1968.

does this mean when it is too hot in the summer and glaciers begin to thaw that it is a result of global freezing?

It’s obvious to me that the current “global warming” will immediately cause a new ice age . . . . . get your cold weather gear ready . . . . .

Jimmy with all due respect there is the same amount of scientists that are for and against the fact that global warming is due to developed nation polluting the planet.
Millions of years ago you had rainforest where we now have Antartica.
We often praise electric cars. Nobody cares to bother or mention what happens next to Lithium batteries.
Lithium batteries?
We keep watching so called pro green personalities that fly private jets to attend a birthday party. Hypocrisy has no boundaries from these people.


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