Offical GAMEDAY Thread: Houston vs. Temple at TDECU at 6pm on CBSSports (L 59-49)

(PortlandCoog) #404

That’s sickening


Should have stayed

(Cougarkauz) #406


(PortlandCoog) #407

Quitting on your team? Surely you jest.

(Ian Blake) #408

Lol. Now turner is out for getting chippy during an extra point. No control of our team. We are winning on offensive talent alone and a little coaching on the offensive side.

(YaW00CougarFootball) #409

Now Turner does the efense no favors

(Randy ) #410

Surely no one will still be defending this mess after today.


Wasnt my choice I didnt drive

Friends wanted to leave plus we forgot to bring chairs lol


Of course there’s nothing left but jesting at this point :expressionless:


Coach D has to go but the players also are not making plays other than Big Ed no one else stepping up


I hope Applewhite has already started searching for a new DC


And Turner gets thrown outta the game


Turner out of game two unsportsmanlike calls. Gee get a grip we needed you on the field.
But since we have now given up 40 maybe Coach No D can hit his stride and we can get some stops or turnovers. We sure need another one to even up the unforced errors.

(Randy ) #417

No discipline. We should just kick onside the rest of the game and fire Onofrio in the locker room after the game.

(Ian Blake) #418

There will be defenders, and don’t call me Shirley.


Kid needs to be discipline

(Ian Blake) #420

He stepped on another player on purpose. No excuse for that.

(Ian Blake) #421

These play calls are going to make us lose the TOP.


Temple is a blue blood powerhouse, right?

(Patrick) #423

Corbin down and probably out.