Offical GAMEDAY Thread: Houston vs. Temple at TDECU at 6pm on CBSSports (L 59-49)

(Patrick) #61

Guess they aren’t calling pass interference tonight


Another inspired start…


At least BB season is here…


Sorry guys. We’re going to get torched tonight.


We lead the league in making RBs look like Franco Harris and QBs look like Joe Montana.

(Dan) #66

Nice pass breakup by IJ.


Special teams on a roll too


I called it…told people watching the game with me to watch for the fake.



(Patrick) #71

Everyone knew that punt fake was coming; still couldn’t stop it.


Haha 12 guys on the field and still couldn’t get a stop


For those watching at home was that not an offsides on the long pass last series?

(YaW00CougarFootball) #74

Applewhite has turned into Jason Garrett


Not so special teams…

(Still shivering from that Army game in 2001) #76

He’s done, but we won’t come out and say it so offenses will continue to plan around him

Not like we make it all that hard on opposing offenses


I thought it was but they called false start

(Russel ) #78

Unfortunately Johnson slipped and fell on that play…perfect timing


We don’t have a DL at all. Literally everyone is hurt. If Armstead doesn’t get hurt, he’s going for over 200 on the ground tonight. We don’t have anyone to stop the run. I know Ed needs to take care of himself, but dang it I wish he were in there tonight. We have no shot without him and Carter in the middle.


Announcers said Temple OL is patchwork too due to injuries


7-5 looking more certain…