Official 2019 National Signing Day Thread

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New DL coach on Neal

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Cam’Ron Johnson signing

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Its official

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New DC runs a lot of 4-2-5 and 3-3-5 fronts. Base will be a 4 man front, but I’d expect multiple looks.

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Couple of subtle shots there at the old staff :face_with_monocle:


Mild shots. But you have to have a plan place where the fans are given confidence to win.

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Or just the truth?

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Hey, public will actually be able to go again. :star_struck:

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“We are going to recruit guys aggressively to come walk-on here. There’s rules and regulations. If you are on the team for a year, then you can get a scholarship and it doesn’t take away one of your initials. That’s how you build it to be able to keep there at the 85 (roster max). We are considerably under the 85 number right now, so it’s going to take a few years to be able to get it up where we are competitive with the other teams in our conference and across the state.”

Holgorsen’s son, Logan, will be one of those walk-ons at quarterback.

“He turned down some scholarships. When I told him we are moving to Houston he was like, ‘I’m packed and ready to go.”

Another walk-on is Thabo Nwanko, a transfer from Oklahoma State who turned down some scholarship offers to return closer to home.

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That problem preexisted the old staff. It was something Applewhite had commented on several times.

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Yep, totally agree. Patrick is solid gold for this board.