Official 2019 National Signing Day Thread

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Preferred Walk-on Kicker

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Coogs pick up a walk-on from Stafford, Kenneth Savanah. He’s a LB/Long Snapper

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Sounds like Bryson is not being considered as a QB:


It’s a necessity. Long gone are the days when you pull an LB and insert a DB on passing downs, etc. Plus, we have the hosses it sounds like to go very large on short yardage scenarios. Long live “PHI BUSTA CHOPSA”!!!

ps - Just made that up…put me in marketing or something.


At 6’ 7” and 330 pounds, Patrick Paul is a load!!

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Isiah Chambers is very happy moving to a 4-man front

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DE/TE Dalton Williams from Goose Creek Memorial is walking on to Houston

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That Dalton Williams looks pretty disruptive. I’m surprised he wasn’t signed to a scholarship somewhere.


Is the transfer from Tennessee Dormady still on the roster. I thought he was transfering out of here.


That last part to me was probably the most important thing I think you can do for recruits. Having open practices for local coaches and high school players to come in and watch the progress of the program. That is free recruiting and advertising which is going to get your name out there and get players interested in your program.


I agree with your other sentiments above about Bardwell, and I knew there were other instances of Major messing up redshirts like Tune this past year, but I didn’t realize it was this bad. It’s great to see CDH come in here recognize all our problems so quickly and to be so proactive in fixing them. Despite all the bad news about our former staff at least we have a new staff that is fixing things quickly and we should be good going forward.


I got goosebumps watching that. It’s always awesome to see something great happen to these young men and women and see how much it means to them.


I checked Rivals for UH football recruiting ranking for 2019 and we’re NOT listed in the Top 100. A little discouraging and the first time that has happened in years, if ever. It seems to me that the formula of recruiting rankings are a combination of the total number of signees and individuals 3 and 4 star rating. Not sure if the current recruiting ranking system is a good one or not. Seems to me not being ranked in the Top 100 could be used against us by competing programs for future recruits.

Any ideas how a better recruiting ranking system could be implemented?


Please realize that we only have 15, per 247 Sports, signed players out of a possible 20 scholarships. Look at 247 per recruit average and we are #3 among all G5 schools, behind Boise and UCF. Per recruit ranking is a better gage of how well we’ve done recruiting compared to our peers.

Our problem this year is that we used up 2019 scholarships to bring in 1 and done grad transfers last year and now we’re in trouble.

Our new DC runs a base 4-2-5. I’m happy now with who we have to fill the 4 and the 2 but where are we going to get 5 DBs and backups who can play? If Moore qualifies for some kind of waiver from the NCAA that will help. But still, we are very thin at best in our secondary and CB is a big, big question mark.

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Dormady is gone. Already at Central Michigan. King and Tune are the only scholarship QBs on the roster


You forgot one.