Official coaching list Updated 1/30

(Jimmy Morris) #1

(Jimmy Morris) #2


UH Link 01/11

Looks like the majority are from WVU but all look to be solid staffers. Feeling much better now then the previous regime.


The big one is DC hire I’m waiting on.

(Chris Vaughan) #5

Good to really good recruiters


Looks like a great recruiting group.

(Dan) #7

We got Carrier and CDH, I’m good. Should have a good season in 2020. Let’s enjoy hoops until then.

(Ian Blake) #8

So is Randy Clements still sticking around or is he still heading to FSU

(Jimmy Morris) #9

Well Randy and UH came to an agreement to stick around but any of these coaches can strike a deal with another school tomorrow. The whole coaching contract thing is a big mess.

(jim) #10

Good to really good recruiters
If anyone (other then coaches) know local recruiting it is Chris. V.

(J V ) #11

If there is no TE coach, does it mean CDH will not use one.

(Jimmy Morris) #12

We’ve had staffs without a QB coach. You don’t necessarily have to have a TE coach. Tight ends can practice with offensive line for blocking and with wide receivers for running routes/catching.

(Nick K) #13

interesting to see the asst head coach tag next to carrier…I think he held out for more money and responsibilities…good for him.

(Cary) #14

We’re playing a game of chicken with FSU, seeing who blinks first.

(Sam) #15

What Cary said. The buyout is substantial, and we don’t want to pay it. So we’re hoping that FSU will hire him rather than us fire him. He might end up being a highly paid offensive analyst for us if the Seminoles don’t make a move, but you would think they promised Briles they would bring him along. I read a report that Clements and the OL coach they have now would split interior offensive linemen and tackles. I have seen that done before. FSU still has a spot open for an assistant, so maybe we’ll see some movement before too much longer.


I’m glad to finally see this official. I think Carrier is worth every penny, title, etc. We have a lot of talent at WR but I don’t think we have fully harnessed it yet.

Our defense was such a sore spot last year that although we noticed all the dropped passes we didn’t see truly how bad it REALLY was. Kind of like how our offense was so bad with Johnson that we didn’t realize how horrible our defense was. We had a lot of huge drops that should change under Carrier. Huge welcome home!!

(Patrick) #17

Details about each of the coaching hires contained at the link.

(Jimmy Morris) #18

I’ll update the top list.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

(J V ) #20

I am glad Carrier is here. I knew he was making a name. For himself as a WR coach but being tagged as an assistant HC does that put him on a faster track to being a HC. I am truly happy for him, his family and UH.