Official coaching list Updated 1/30

(Chris) #21

Many of you pointed it out. I have to ask the question again. When was the last time we had this type of Coaching staff? IMO we have to go back to the SWC days. We now have a P5 Coaching staff. I can’t think of one G5 Team that come close to it. You can be sure that the utau, atm, ou & okiestate (to name a few) are watching closely. I can only imagine how our recruiting is going to be. This is hugley impressive.

(Robert Swearengin) #22

This is hugely impressive. Now we know what we truly had with Applewhite.

(J V ) #23

Looking back would we say Pardee’s staff was the best? It was the core of the USFL Gamblers.

(Sam) #24

If the DC we think we’ll get is soon announced I would compare him and Holgorsen to Yeoman and Todd, Jenkins and Eddy. We have some fine position coaches, probably the best since Pardee’s staff. We’ll see how that works out. I’m very much hoping we can move consistently into the 40s or 50s in recruiting, so we’ll see how that goes as well. At least a few of our new coaches are considered excellent recruiters. Only slight chink I see is we’re not heavy (not light either, just not heavy like Herman’s staff) with experience recruiting Texas, which is one reason I would strongly consider hiring someone like Jon Kay of North Shore or maybe a popular Fort Bend coach, possibly former Coog Allen Aldridge, who’s at Bush. But Dana doesn’t need my advice. I’m very impressed.

(Ben) #25

Darl Bauer in the fold now as S&C coach per twittet

(Ben B) #26

Tell us about him!!!

(Ben) #27

Asst S&C coach at WVU. Younger guy, I hope he is high enthusiasm

Darl Bauer has been on West Virginia’s strength and conditioning staff since 2009, assisting with the football strength and conditioning program, first as a graduate assistant for a year before becoming a full-time member of the staff for the past eight years. He was promoted to Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning/Director of Applied Performance in December 2017.

Bauer came to West Virginia after serving as a strength and conditioning intern at Eastern Michigan for the 2007 summer. He assisted with the football program and helped train the men’s basketball, women’s soccer and women’s volleyball teams.

During the summer of 2006 and 2007 and from December 2008 until May 2009, Bauer was a sports performance specialist at the Total Performance Center in Wixon, Michigan.

While there, he designed and implemented a four-day weight program for the varsity football team at Novi High. He designed and administered comprehensive offseason strength and conditioning program for NFL clientele. He also trained athletes of all ages, skill levels and sports from the greater Detroit area.

(Ben B) #28

So maybe our only unproven commodity, though he has been working for WVU for a decade.
The positive is he knows what it takes to get people ready for Holgorsen’s style of football.

(Ricky ) #29

Let’s get this guy lol

(Cristian) #30

You’re comparing two different spending budgets.

(JohnnyCougar) #31

SamH1, would that be the best staff since … ?


Sumlin had a pretty good group of coaches, though they didn’t have as many years behind them.

(Jimmy Morris) #33

Whose twitter? Don’t see it on Berman’s or UHFootball and he isn’t listed yet on

(William Ross) #34

His page


Was going to point to some of Yeoman’s groups, but in retrospect, sumlin, holgorsen and kingsbury is a strong candidate.

(Jimmy Morris) #36

Maybe UHFootball and are on lunch break. :slight_smile:

(Jimmy Morris) #37

Berman writing a biography about Bergman on twitter. Maybe when he is done with the 100 tweets he will get around to the latest UH football hire.

(David) #38

I don’t know if equal to this one but Sumlin had a decent staff - DC and Special Teams with NFL coaching experience and Holgerson / Kingsbury as OC. Two future P5 HCs and 1 that went on to NFL HC :wink:

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(Ben) #40

Actually I first saw it on the twitter of