Official coaching list Updated 1/30

(Tom Green) #41

I know everyone seems to be excited about these new coaches but I’ll say it again all he did was go out and rehire his own people he knew. I will get excited when some 4 stars and high 3 stars recruits start saying YES to UH Coogs. Every coach will tell you , you’re only as good as players. And that defense needs Help… lots n lots of it imo. #GoCoogs

(Randy ) #42

That’s what coaches with a network do. I’d be really worried if he wasn’t doing that.

And, not everyone on his UH staff was on his WVU staff. Around half of his on the field staff will be from the outside. Don’t forget he had a P5 staff either.

(Jimmy Morris) #43

I don’t mind he is hiring who he knows but it does worry me a little that a majority of the coaches have zero experience at the level they are being brought in. Feels like a bunch of good position coaches getting “assistant” and “coordinator” next to their title so Dana can offer them more money than what they were getting.

(Tom Green) #44

I think except Jones n maybe he was on his staff at sometime, all others were on his staff before. I understand the whole network connection and esp make sure they have the same philosophies, but I just thought he might step out little more, esp when he said some will be pulling from some big time programs…not seen that yet. All is Good !

(Randy ) #45

Also Blake Gideon. And, I’d be shocked if any of the last remaining defensive coaches were from WVU either. More are coming.

Not to mention we hired and existing HC from a step up in the food chain. I’m surprised we are going to have as many non-WVU as we will.

Dana is an offensive guy and will be calling plays. He wants his guys around him. Makes sense to me and I’m not sure reaching out beyond his guys would work that well. His defensive staff will be largely new guys.

(Jimmy Morris) #46

On the bright side, having two of everything, P5 schools won’t know who to hire if we are doing good. Even if two years from now one P5 hires an OC, another hires a DC and another hires an assistant, we still have one of each left. :grin:

(Tom Green) #47

Usually those are just Titles so one is not over the other but in most all cases one is resp for Running game n other for Passing game.

(David) #48

To be clear, I am excited about the possibilities with Dana and his staff. However, I remember being impressed by Sumlin’s staff. That came on the heels of Briles and his staff that seemed to be from his HS connections [but I might be wrong on that].

(CoogNation_14) #49

Well here is why the moves make sense, he is calling the plays next season so he wants his staff to be ready to roll and they can start performing. Team dynamics: forming, storming, norming, performing. So IMO he wants his staff to be “performing” ASAP

(Randy ) #50

I was impressed with Sumlin’s staff too especially given that we were paying peanuts back then. Here they are:

OC (Holgorsen) - Tech’s OC, granted wasn’t the play caller, obviously has had success after here
DC (Skladany) - UCF’s DC coming off a CUSA championship, DC at UNT after being fired here and now retired
LB (Burtnett) - Former B1G coach of the year at Purdue, retired after leaving here
WR (Phillips) - Earlyish in his career but obviously a good coach and been on multiple staffs since
RB (McKinney) - Yates HS coach at the time and had continued to coach with Sumlin until taking over TSU this year
DB (defensive Spav) - Was a GA at OU and has gone on to success
DL (Jeffcoat) - Former Cowboy assistant and has been on a P5 staff since being fired here, now coaching in Canada
STC (Levine) - we all know the story here, really good assistant but not a good HC
OL (Gilbert) - Only here a year before being hired away by Illinois, next stop was NFL and now back with Sumlin

Also, Kingsbury and the offensive Spav were QC/GA on Sumlin’s first staff.

Crazy impressive staff given what we paid at the time. Compare that to who Briles, Levine, and Applewhite pulled in.

(Jimmy Morris) #51

Darl Bauer and GoCoogs might have jumped the gun. No update on the UH website yet. Reminds me of a coach putting UH job on his twitter two years ago but was never hired.


Gilbert was hired yesterday by an NFL team. Forget who.


Nothing on our DC there either but the search is over. #Sellers

(Randy ) #54

Colts after leaving Illinois (the college).


And Larry Jackson was strength coach

(Randy ) #56

Yeah, but Sumlin inherited him.


Is Larry Jackson one that was brought in by Maggard and started with Briles?

(Randy ) #58


(Paul Marlow) #59

Sumlin’s staff clearly showed a guy paying attention to the coaching ranks as he eyed getting a head coaching job.

(Patrick) #60

New S&C Coach Darl Bauer: