Official coaching list Updated 1/30

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Still not on UHCougars. I’ll update top when they update theirs.


I’m not too familiar with him, I just hope those sentiments are legit.

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I hope they are exaggeration. I remember our guys were pretty banged up in 2016 from the “toughest practice” and we don’t want guys in the hospital like Oregon. More hype than fact I’m sure.

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Great find. I am glad that we have a guy with experience. I was skeptical that a promoted GA could be effective


Those were from tough practices, not tough workouts.

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There is an argument for both, to soft or overtraining can cause injuries in season. IMO an experienced hire should be able to land in the right spot. As I mentioned in my previous post, our promoted GA was not the right call for a program that has high expectations.

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S&C is not actual practice. It is part of your job as a student athlete. We were “winded” in way too many games last season. That in itself is inexcusable. It spoke volume on how prepared our Team was. It also speaks volume than it was not emphasised in the previous off season & during the season. You are not in shape? It affects everything including your fundamentals. In 2019 we now have at our disposals all that is needed to be in tip top shape. The Coaching staff is directly responsible if we are not performing. The best Teams are the ones that are the most physically prepared. You think it is a cliche? Think again.

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I think this was one of the guys at the basketball game with CDH last night.


I hear Bauer means business.

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It was pretty damn good.

Never impressed with Sumlin’s defensive staff until the last year.


That’s a common school of thought.


I agree with the tough practices where everyone was getting concussions but I want them to hit the strength and conditioning hard so we don’t get so many injuries.

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Strength guy was with Dana last night


I saw him give CDH a piggy back ride to his car after the game!

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WVU players love him, and say his tough workouts helped them be better, physically and mentally, for the grind of a season. Warned our players to “get ready”…

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Eight years in that program, from GA to Associate S&C. He sounds like a grinder. Wanted to do this since 16.

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S&C coach spends more time with the players than any other coach.

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